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2014 a record year for exports for Georgia and the US
02/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

According to government data, the US set another record year for goods and service exports for 2014 and Georgia was among one of the strongest performers.... read more.

Brazil – Its own worst enemy and why supply chain practitioners should care
02/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

When last Ti published South America Logistics and Transport in 2011, Brazil was experiencing a booming economy, but now after years of sluggish global growth Brazil’s economy has stumbled. The country now needs reform and diversification to unlock its great potential.... read more.

Haier’s disruptive ways
26/Feb/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The Haier Group is known for its innovative ways and as part of its 2015 plan, it will continue along this path of innovation even further as it looks to disrupt the consumer electronics market.... read more.

ILWU and PMA come to an agreement on a new west coast contract but questions for the future remain
23/Feb/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

It looks like the finger pointing and verbal attacks may have subsided for the time being as word came over the weekend that the ILWU and PMA reached a tentative labour deal for US west coast ports. However questions remain about how similar problems will be dealt with better in the future.... read more.

Japan Post sets its sights on international expansion with Toll acquisition
18/Feb/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

In a very interesting move, Japan Post Holdings announced the acquisition of Australia’s Toll Group for AU$6.49bn. This marks the second acquisition by a Japanese company in a matter of just two days after Kintetsu World Express picked up NOL’s APL Logistics subsidiary earlier this week.... read more.

The rising costs of the west coast port situation
16/Feb/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

There is another “temporary” halt at the US west coast ports as both sides try to reach an agreement. As a result the disruption to US supply chains is only getting more acute and it is perhaps time to for US businesses to reassess the structure of their supply chains.... read more.

China lifts ban on Valemax cargo ships but questions surround an ailing industry
12/Feb/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

It seems that Brazil’s Vale and the Chinese government have decided to declare a truce. According to several publications, the Chinese government officially lifted a 3-year ban on Valemax class ships by allowing dry bulk cargo ships of 400,000 dwt capacity to dock at Chinese ports.... read more.

A wake-up call to the express and small parcel industry
26/Jan/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

News broke last week of UPS pre-warning Q4 earnings sending shock waves along Wall Street. Perhaps this news, coming on the back of significant investment at UPS, will prompt investment in innovation for efficiency to optimize existing networks.... read more.

e-commerce - changing how logistics is done
22/Jan/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

e-commerce is huge and with it, the logistics needed to keep it going. Estimated at over €140bn, e-commerce logistics is rapidly changing to try to keep pace with this quickly evolving market. Ti’s latest report, Global e-commerce Logistics 2015 provides an analysis of the trends and challenges facing the supply chain.... read more.

Mexico - the emerging star of the Americas
19/Jan/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The 2015 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index was released today and while China maintains the top ranking once again, perhaps of special interest to Americas’ fans is that Brazil and Mexico are in the top ten, with Mexico really standing out.... read more.

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