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India's e-commerce market - Hype or Real?
26/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Is it just hype or is India’s e-commerce market really taking off? India’s e-commerce market is estimated to have grown by 70% 2014 and has generated international interest. However the valuations of businesses in the market are based on India’s potential rather than its current market and much reform and growth is needed realize these figures.... read more.

Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy to continue as Singapore expands its influence
26/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The death of Lee Kuan Yew has brought forth a reflection of just how far Singapore has advanced since its independence from Malaysia in 1965. However the journey is not yet over as Singapore looks to reinvent itself once again.... read more.

Uber not a threat as FedEx reports quarterly net income up 53%
23/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

FedEx has reported strong fiscal third quarter earnings with the Ground and Freight divisions noting the biggest gains. The company remains confident about future growth prospects and shrugs off the impact of new competition.... read more.

Latin America – Region of extremes, region of opportunities
23/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

A region of extremes, Latin America is geographically and culturally diverse. However, Ti’s latest report, Latin America Logistics and Transport finds that a recurring theme throughout this vast region is the need for infrastructure improvements and loosening of regulatory requirements.... read more.

Approval granted for third runway at Hong Kong International Airport
19/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

A third runway has been approved for Hong Kong’s international airport to meet the “surging growth in passengers and air cargo”. However there is concern that with so much expansion already underway in the region this may lead to overcapacity.... read more.

Air freight optimism drives increase in Stifel Logistics Confidence Index
19/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Air freight optimism resulted in a 1.0 point gain in the overall Stifel Logistics Confidence Index, rising to 57.3 for February. In comparison, this month’s overall index is up 0.3 points from March 2014 and 4.8 points from March 2013.... read more.

Changing lanes and mixed economic progress – challenging times for logistics providers
16/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

With the first two months of 2015 in the books, the year is already shaping up to be another one of challenge for logistics providers. But positive economic signs are finally emerging in Europe in particular. Ti examines the implications of the developing situation for logistics in its monthly Global Logistics Monitor.... read more.

Vietnam’s expanding role in high tech manufacturing
12/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia Pacific fuelled by exports of apparel, automotive and high-tech goods. Its growth looks set to increase as more manufacturing is being located in the country, particularly in the high-tech sector.... read more.

Dominance in Latin American automobile manufacturing shifts to Mexico
09/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Mexico has now become the largest producer of cars in Latin America as automotive production eases across the rest of the region. With Mexico set for continued growth the region’s requirements for automotive logistics are shifting rapidly.... read more.

Alternative delivery locations help retailers increase customer satisfaction, says UPS study
05/Mar/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

UPS’s Pulse of the Online Shopper Global Study has found that flexibility throughout the omnichannel shopping and delivery process is key to success, particularly when trying to access customers in Asia Pacific demanding greater convenience.... read more.

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