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Healthcare - A challenge and an opportunity for logistics providers
17/Apr/2014 by Staff Writer.

Ti’s latest report, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014, contains an analytical overview of the healthcare logistics industry including the cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trials segments. Within each segment analysis is also an examination of major regions - Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America and Europe. The report concludes with profiles of logistics providers.... read more.

Interview with the author: Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Supply Chains
10/Apr/2014 by Staff Writer.

To mark Global Logistics Day and the publication of the new book, Supply Chain Risk, Logistics Briefing undertook an interview with its author, John Manners-Bell to find out more about threats to the logistics industry.... read more.

From war-torn to oil-rich: Middle East and North Africa is a region of logistics contradictions
18/Mar/2014 by Staff Writer.

It is all too obvious to state that Middle East and North Africa is one of the most difficult regions to assess in terms of logistics investment and services. Huge differences exist between rapidly growing markets serving a global customer base on the one-hand and countries torn apart by war on the other. Ti’s latest report, Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics, offers detailed analysis of this region and the countries with often conflicting economies within it.... read more.

Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2014
21/Jan/2014 by Staff Writer.

Growth opportunities offered by emerging markets outweigh concerns about the political and economic turmoil that rattled some developing countries in 2013, a survey of global logistics and trade executives shows.... read more.

NAFTA turns 20 years old
15/Jan/2014 by Staff Writer.

As the North American Free Trade Agreement turned 20 this month, the effects of the agreement remain strong in spite of its critics.... read more.

Another year of decline, says new road transport report
19/Nov/2013 by Staff Writer.

The European road freight market will experience another year of decline in 2013 according to provisional figures contained in the latest report by Transport Intelligence, European Road Freight Transport 2013.... read more.

Cyber-attack breaches port security; containers hijacked
16/Oct/2013 by Staff Writer.

Organised criminals have employed hackers to launch a cyber-raid on port systems, pinpointing the locations of containers concealing smuggled drugs and releasing them to bogus drivers.... read more.

China: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
20/Sep/2013 by Staff Writer.

Over the last three decades, the relentless rise of China's export-driven economy has changed the face of world commerce. But China is now in flux as its economy transitions into a new stage of development, rendering the assumptions of yester-year obsolete. Tomorrow's China will be a very different place, creating new opportunities, with new risks for manufacturers, traders, banks as well as supply chain and other service providers.... read more.

e-commerce key to Royal Mail IPO
12/Sep/2013 by Staff Writer.

The transformation of the Royal Mail is underway as the government announces that its IPO is imminent, but according to Ti, issues remain over competitive advantage.... read more.

How innovation and technology are impacting travel and transportation businesses
09/Sep/2013 by Staff Writer.

Taking place in Heidelberg on October 16, 2013, T.A. Cook and SAP are bringing three events together under the theme ‘How innovation and technology are impacting travel and transportation businesses now and into the future’. Transport Intelligence is a media partner for the event which provides postal, logistics and railway services companies with individual exchanges.... read more.

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