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Brazil needs transport investment to boost economy
24/Mar/2015 by Staff Writer.

Speaking at the Brazil Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Sao Paulo, Prof John Manners-Bell, Ti’s Chief Executive, outlined some of the challenges facing the country’s transport and logistics infrastructure.... read more.

Internet shopping delivery market in UK 'unsustainable', says Ti's CEO
08/Jan/2015 by Staff Writer.

In an interview for the BBC, Professor John Manners-Bell, Ti’s CEO, said that the market for parcels deliveries in the UK was not economically sustainable. In this summary of the interview with the BBC’s Technology Editor, David Grossman, he explains why.... read more.

European logistics industry poised for upturn in M&A activity, claims new report
17/Dec/2014 by Staff Writer.

Despite the weak state of the European economy, conditions are right for a significant upturn in mergers and acquisition activity driven by a number of micro-economic drivers, the authors of a new report from Ti claim.... read more.

John Manners-Bell wins prestigious award with Supply Chain Risk
16/Dec/2014 by Staff Writer.

Ti’s Chief Executive, John Manners-Bell, has won the ACA-Bruel Special Mention prize with his book, Supply Chain Risk. The book took the honours for its contribution to the development of leading new concepts and methods in purchasing and supply chain.... read more.

Which logistics companies will be best equipped to move forward in 2014?
26/Jun/2014 by Staff Writer.

A new report published by TI reviews the performance of twenty of the world’s largest logistics providers shows that only three of these providers grew their total logistics revenue in 2013, and all of them did so at the expense of declining operating profit margins.... read more.

ASOS warehouse disaster reveals hidden costs of supply chain risk
25/Jun/2014 by Staff Writer.

The fire which occurred on Friday 20 June 2014 at the global distribution centre of online retailer, ASOS, highlights many of the risks to which modern supply chains are exposed, according to Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell.... read more.

Supply Chain Risk book launched at Dubai industry leader gathering
10/Jun/2014 by Staff Writer.

Doing an increased level of business in emerging markets has made supply chains more vulnerable than ever, says author John Manners-Bell at the launch of his latest book in Dubai.... read more.

Emirates SkyCargo begins freighter operations at Dubai World Central
02/May/2014 by Staff Writer.

Emirates SkyCargo has announced that Emirates SkyCargo’s freighter fleet has officially started operating from its new cargo terminal at Dubai World Central.... read more.

Healthcare - A challenge and an opportunity for logistics providers
17/Apr/2014 by Staff Writer.

Ti’s latest report, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014, contains an analytical overview of the healthcare logistics industry including the cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trials segments. Within each segment analysis is also an examination of major regions - Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America and Europe. The report concludes with profiles of logistics providers.... read more.

Interview with the author: Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Supply Chains
10/Apr/2014 by Staff Writer.

To mark Global Logistics Day and the publication of the new book, Supply Chain Risk, Logistics Briefing undertook an interview with its author, John Manners-Bell to find out more about threats to the logistics industry.... read more.

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