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Royal Mail weathers a tough market
25/Nov/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Britain’s former state owned mail provider has reported a set of fairly flat H1 2015 results in what is a tough market. The key driver of Royal Mail’s business is e-commerce driven parcel demand, yet this has been hit by the decision by Amazon to insource all of its parcel requirements, taking a large chunk out of the market.... read more.

Stifel Logistics Confidence Index sees a negative market outlook worsen
24/Nov/2015 by Alex Le Roy.

For the sixth month in succession, the Stifel Logistics Confidence Index declined. This trend resulted in the November Index score falling to the lowest registered for three years due in large part to the continuation of negative macroeconomic trends at the global level, principally emanating from China.... read more.

The Ti Blog: Last, but not least, mile delivery
18/Nov/2015 by Staff Writer.

In the battle for e-commerce dominance much of the fighting is being done in the last mile. The news that the US e-commerce giant, Amazon had acquired French delivery company Colis Privé signals the intentions of the online retailer to remain the dominant force.... read more.

Award for Ti’s Chief Executive for supply chain risk research
18/Nov/2015 by Staff Writer.

Ti's Chief Executive, John Manners-Bell, has been presented with an award at the inaugural Royal Logistics Corps Foundation Awards dinner in recognition of his work on supply chain risk entitled 'Engineering the Resilient Supply Chain'.... read more.

DP-DHL takes huge write-offs on Forwarding IT System
18/Nov/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Included in DP-DHL’s recently release nine-month figures was the news that the DHL Global Forwarding segment was forced to write off at least €345m worth of IT investment. However, the failure of this project and the consequent financial loss was balanced by promising news from Express and due mainly to the growth of e-commerce.... read more.

German ports bear the brunt of world trade slowdown
17/Nov/2015 by David Buckby.

A slow down in the Chinese economy and a drop in Russian trade have compounded the issue for German ports with the country's two largest container ports, Hamburg and Bremerhaven-Bremen, reporting declines in container throughput year-on-year for January-September 2015.... read more.

Maersk or CMA CGM rumoured to be closing in on NOL deal
11/Nov/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

While it has been understood that Neptune Orient Line’s (NOL) owners have been interested in selling the company for some time, the recent news that Maersk or CMA CGM would be interested in buying it is more of a surprise.... read more.

What does it mean when companies announce they are "testing drone delivery"?
10/Nov/2015 by Alex Le Roy.

A large number of logistics providers engaged in last mile delivery are exploring the use of drones but when these organisations say they are “testing” drone delivery, what does this actually mean?... read more.

Partnership, Platforms & Innovation in logistics
04/Nov/2015 by Ken Lyon.

Innovation and disruption are prevalent across many industries and logistics is no exception. The benefits of innovative practices are clear to most companies but how to create a culture of innovation is far more complex. One way of instigating innovation is through partnerships with start-ups, the natural innovators, but this too has its own challenges.... read more.

Expeditors exploits traditional strength of forwarders
04/Nov/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Expeditors International delivered higher profits in the 3rd quarter despite near flat demand as it took advantage of lower freight rates.... read more.

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