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FedEx starts the new fiscal year on a strong note
18/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

FedEx began its fiscal year on a strong note with revenue for the first quarter August 30, up 6% to $11.7bn and recorded revenue, profit and volume gains in all divisions.... read more.

Africa's growing trade preference with Asia
18/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

South-South trade is on the rise. According to UNCTAD, total developing economies' exports now account for 45% of the world total, a trend which is most evident between Asia and Africa as emerging markets continue to play a larger role in global trade.... read more.

Big gains in Index indicate strong finish for 2014
17/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

The Stifel Logistics Confidence Index increased at its fastest pace in September, climbing 3.5 points from August to 59.2. Both the present and expected situations noted healthy gains increasing 3.2 and 3.9 points to 56.7 and 61.8 respectively.... read more.

Automotive Logistics in 2014 and beyond
16/Sep/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

After the volatility of the crash of 2009-2010, the automotive sector has remained a valuable source of stability to the contract logistics sector.... read more.

The exponential evolution of 3D printing is set to fundamentally transform manufacturing and distribution
16/Sep/2014 by Ken Lyon.

There is no question that 3D printing is continuing to impact multiple industry sectors. The technology continues to evolve at an impressive rate and no industry concerned with physical manufacturing is immune.... read more.

Getting it right in time for the 2014 holiday season
13/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Still smarting from last holiday seasons’ mishaps, UPS vowed to make things right this year. Indeed, the company noted plans to spend $175m for such improvements and increase capacity by 10% over 2013. Already it has announced plans to open two package distribution facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as install “state of the art” package sorting technology.... read more.

Top Asian supply chains embrace sustainable practices
10/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

By 2016, Emerging Asia is expected to account for 25% of the global consumer product market and will generate 38% of total consumer product growth. Along with this growth comes a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and we are beginning to see some adaptations to supply chains to meet this.... read more.

Brazil: The road better taken?
09/Sep/2014 by Nick Bailey.

Brazil holds a special position as an emerging market – as one of the BRICS it is a market of the highest potential. However Brazil’s path to prosperity hasn’t always been straightforward and it has slipped into recession brought on, in part, by underdeveloped infrastructure. It now stands at crossroads in its development; the path to follow will most certainly be paved.... read more.

Apple to introduce new products this week – But does it matter?
08/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Apple is preparing to introduce new products to the market this week. Questions abound about whether the company will introduce a greater range of lower cost models to appeal to vital new customers in emerging markets. If it does it will require a retooling of its not inconsiderable supply chain.... read more.

Burgeoning Chinese healthcare industry opens further to logistics providers
04/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Bain & Company estimates that by 2020, China’s healthcare industry is likely to be valued at $900bn. It is a huge market and one that is slowly opening up to foreign investments and presenting opportunities for the logistics market.... read more.

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