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Alibaba and partners look to lead in global express revenues
21/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

According to China’s State Post Bureau, China overtook the US to become the world’s largest express parcel market by volume. It noted that in 2014 total volume was 13.96bn items, a 51.9% increase over 2013, you can thank e-commerce for the explosive growth.... read more.

German transport suffers from labour unrest
20/May/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Strikes appear to have become a recurring feature of the German transport economy over the past couple of years.... read more.

Outlook looking bright for freight forwarders
19/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The Stifel Logistics Confidence Index for May indicated some improvements from April’s decline. In particular, the six-month outlook appears bright as air freight gained 2.8 points to 63.4 and sea freight increased 2.1 points to 62.9.... read more.

SEKO Logistics doing it their way - Exclusive interview
18/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Mergers and acquisitions continue to pick up in the logistics market as providers look to expand but SEKO Logistics is taking a different road with investment from a PE firm. The company’s CEO explains his approach in an exclusive interview with Ti’s Cathy Roberson.... read more.

Philippines' logistics market is set for surging growth if reform agenda is pushed through
14/May/2015 by Mike King.

The Philippines is poised to become a major growth market for logistics service providers over the next year, according to a new report by Transport Intelligence. But this will only happen if its political rulers take steps to improve trade flows, not least by investing heavily in the archipelago’s outdated infrastructure.... read more.

Whistl End-to-End closure shows how the mail market is changing
13/May/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

“Ongoing changes in postal market dynamics” is the reason given for the private equity company, LDC’s reversal away from investment in Whistl’s ‘End-to-End’ mail capability in England, announced last week.... read more.

Canada Post moves further away from home delivery
11/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

Common concerns over declining mail, rising costs, declining profits, increasing competition and rising parcel volumes are heard form post offices all over the world. The common solution appears to be to move away from home delivery and Canada Post is leading the way.... read more.

Air cargo benefits from US port troubles
07/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The first quarter ended on a positive note for Asian air cargo providers with FTKs rising through the period, partly as a result of the disruption to US west coast ports.... read more.

XPO buys again and reduces losses
06/May/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

XPO Logistics keeps on making acquisitions. Yesterday, (5/5/2015) it announced the purchase of Bridge Terminal Transport Services, “one of the largest asset-light drayage providers in the United States” for US$100m.... read more.

7.8 magnitude earthquake deals Nepal a devastating blow
05/May/2015 by Cathy Roberson.

The crisis in Nepal is one of extreme logistical challenges, even for experts. How does one overcome a topography that is so mountainous when what little infrastructure there was has been destroyed by the devastating earthquake in this South Asian, landlocked country?... read more.

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