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Royal Mail's struggle highlights the problems of e-commerce incumbents
20/Nov/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

It can hardly come as a surprise that Royal Mail Group is struggling with the changes in e-retailing driven parcel market.... read more.

Logistics to grow with Asia's taste for alcohol
20/Nov/2014 by Mike King.

Asia’s burgeoning middle class are changing consumer and dietary tastes across the continent in many different ways. The international trade and local distribution of alcoholic beverages is just one area which will become a key growth market for logistics providers as tastes develop.... read more.

Asian logistics set to gain as the Bali Trade Agreement gets back on track
20/Nov/2014 by Mike King.

The Asian logistics sector is in a strong position to gain from the Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement as India accepts a deal, brokered by Barack Obama, to ratify the WTO agreement, so long as the organization doesn’t challenge its farming subsidies.... read more.

UPS gropes towards the future of logistics
18/Nov/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

The scale and shape of the future of logistics is glimpsed when looking at the thrust of UPS’s marketing and technology developments.... read more.

A happy holiday season for air freight forwarders?
17/Nov/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Persistent problems at US west coast ports ahead of the holiday season are creating a worrisome situation for retailers who fear their supplies will be cut off, forcing them to seek alternatives to sea freight. This presents a potential boon for air freight forwarders as volumes move into their market.... read more.

DHL Forwarding and Damco's suffering contrasts with parental prosperity
14/Nov/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

DHL Global Forwarding and Damco slide further in to trouble in a rocky Q3 with trouble worsened by carriers regaining their grip on the market. However it seems likely that the companies' prosperous parents will support them regardless.... read more.

Port congestion is not confined just to the US west coast
13/Nov/2014 by Mike King.

With fears of a union shutdown of US west coast ports intensifying it is easy to forget that supply chain managers on the transpacific trades are also beset by port congestion issues in Asia.... read more.

CEVA's new CEO is ambitious despite a flat market
12/Nov/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

CEVA logistics may have had a flat quarter but this is unlikely to distract its CEO from what he sees as his task of building a new company.... read more.

The importance and challenge of the end-to-end cold chain supply chain
11/Nov/2014 by Roger Crook.

The cold chain is critical in meeting the needs of a rising number of global consumers. More and more people around the world want increasingly far flung and temperature sensitive products ‘now’ and they demand guarantees that what they consume is safe. This presents the logistics industry with significant challenges as the cold chain stretches all over the world.... read more.

It's time for a national freight policy
10/Nov/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

On average, the US moves more than 17bn tons or over $20 trillion worth of goods each year. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the US’s infrastructure is straining more and more under this tonnage, throwing the need for a national freight policy into sharp relief.... read more.

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