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Ti's Chart of the Month- September 2015
09/Oct/2015 by David Buckby.

September Chart of the Month: How strong is the link between road freight sector growth and GDP growth?... read more.

DSV transformed by UTi purchase
09/Oct/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

The announcement that DSV have signed an agreement to acquire UTi is unlikely to come as a surprise to many. The attention now turns to the strategy DSV plans to implement in an effort to ensure a seamless integration of the two companies.... read more.

New Pacific trade deal to ignite international logistics
07/Oct/2015 by John Manners-Bell.

One of the biggest trade deals in history came into being on Monday when the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed in Atlanta, US, reducing trade tariffs and setting common standards in trade between North America and a number of Asian countries.... read more.

UK warehousing market needs supply
07/Oct/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

As the UK economy has grown, the supply of warehousing has failed to keep up. This is due in great part to a lack of investment during the recession of 2008-2012, however there remain other contributory factors.... read more.

What does the refugee crisis mean for European logistics?
01/Oct/2015 by John Manners-Bell.

Pictures of refugees trying to cross European borders have become commonplace over the summer. Whereas the media has rightly highlighted the humanitarian consequences of the movement of thousands of people across the continent, little attention has been paid to the impact of the political response on European trade and transport.... read more.

Hapag-Lloyd's listing may trigger new consolidation
30/Sep/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Speculation regarding potential acquisitions or mergers grow with the announcement that German container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd intends to list itself on the Hamburg and Frankfurt stock exchanges in October.... read more.

The Ti Blog: Predicting peak demand vital to turn problems into profits
30/Sep/2015 by Michael Clover.

As the the 2015 holiday season draws near logistics providers are once again faced with the hurdles presented by dramatic volume spikes and rising customer expectations. Are express providers fully prepared to tackle these challenges?... read more.

The changing approaches to technology in logistics
30/Sep/2015 by Ken Lyon.

The generation of young people beginning to enter the workforce today have a very different appreciation of technology and information sharing. How can the logistics industry benefit from and incorporate these new approaches?... read more.

Ti Video: The express industry is under pressure like never before
30/Sep/2015 by Michael Clover.

In Ti's latest video, Michael Clover discusses the problems facing the express market as well the solutions being implemented now and those planned for the future.... read more.

The Ti Blog: XPO Logistics and the US Freight Brokerage Industry
23/Sep/2015 by Alex Le Roy.

With XPO Logistics acquiring Con-Way in its second major deal of the year, the US Freight Brokerage Industry appears ripe for consolidation. The company’s activities were previously based around the targeting of medium-sized businesses, but XPO’s jump into the big leagues appears to be part of a larger pattern within the industry, as other companies embrace M&A as a means of expansion. This leads us to ask what is driving this trend, and where will it lead?... read more.

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