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The land of opportunity for the logistics industry over the next decade? Look no further than Asia
16/Oct/2014 by Mike King.

New Asia will be very different from the old one. Demographic and economic changes have led to regionalization of its supply chains. Therefore global LSPs will need to adapt their networks and practices to suit local conditions if they are to continue to make the most of Asia’s boundless opportunities.... read more.

Poland's road freight market powers ahead
15/Oct/2014 by David Buckby.

For the last few years most European road freight hauliers have endured difficult times, with growth in revenues either negative or very low. However, it is not all doom and gloom in European road freight. A rosier scenario is apparent if one looks eastwards, particularly at Poland.... read more.

Sea freight competition restrains K+N over past 9 months
14/Oct/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

In a global economy described by the head of the IMF as the “new mediocre”, growth in high single figures is not too bad for a forwarder such as Kuehne and Nagel.... read more.

M&A interest continues in the US logistics market
13/Oct/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

US logistics and transport M&A activity continues to be of much interest and a market of continued growth. Investments are coming from within the US and abroad as investors seek to make the most of growth in the US. This has led to M&A activity across a range of sectors which looks set to continue.... read more.

Growing role for logistics services in the global wind energy market, says new research
09/Oct/2014 by Thomas Poulsen.

Shipping, logistics and supply chain management efforts play an important role in every wind energy project. As the sector grows, and moves into new geographies, it presents a great opportunity for logistics providers to increase their stake in what is after all a logistics intensive industry.... read more.

Maersk re-organises for Damco recovery
08/Oct/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

In 2012 A.P.Moller-Maersk Group rearranged its business into “four big business units” to quote its chief executive officer Nils Andersen.... read more.

Family moves at top of MSC
07/Oct/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

Gianluigi Aponte has finally retired as President and CEO of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Starting in 1970 with just one second hand vessel, he created what is presently the second largest container shipping line.... read more.

Increasing interest in the transatlantic trade lane
06/Oct/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

The Stifel Logistics Confidence Index shows that growth in transatlantic trade buoys confidence as optimism about the passage of the TTIP increases and economic prospects rise in the US and UK. Indeed shippers are increasing services on this lane, indentifying it as a lower risk investment than one in emerging markets.... read more.

The importance of infrastructure
02/Oct/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

What happens when infrastructure projects are delayed and logistics and transport providers have to rely on subpar infrastructure to support their expanding networks? The result may look like something that the Philippines is experiencing now – port congestion, road congestion and frustrated shippers.... read more.

Asia Pacific's influential impact on supply chains
30/Sep/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Asia Pacific has shed its label as being known simply as a major export region and now offers a variety of opportunities for shippers and logistics providers alike.... read more.

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