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FedEx reports good financial results despite disappointing Wall Street
19/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

FedEx’s profit improvement programmes continue to prove successful for the company as it delivered solid growth in both revenue and operating margin. A very satisfying performance in spite of falling short of Wall Streets expectations.... read more.

Integrators push further into APAC e-commerce
18/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

The Genco and Bongo acquisitions by FedEx along with UPS’ own recent acquisition of i-Parcel indicates increasing interest in global e-commerce logistics. The world’s largest players are expanding their reach and coverage as they vie for lucrative market share.... read more.

European logistics industry poised for upturn in M&A activity, claims new report
17/Dec/2014 by Staff Writer.

Despite the weak state of the European economy, conditions are right for a significant upturn in mergers and acquisition activity driven by a number of micro-economic drivers, the authors of a new report from Ti claim.... read more.

FedEx acquisitions indicate need for global e-commerce logistics capabilities
17/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

FedEx is letting it be known they are serious about e-commerce and plans to be a major global provider of e-commerce logistics services with the acquisitions of Genco and Bongo.... read more.

Falling oil price may accelerate existing growth trend in air freight
17/Dec/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

As the oil price falls to levels not seen for five years the air cargo sector seems to be experiencing something approaching a boom.... read more.

John Manners-Bell wins prestigious award with Supply Chain Risk
16/Dec/2014 by Staff Writer.

Ti’s Chief Executive, John Manners-Bell, has won the ACA-Bruel Special Mention prize with his book, Supply Chain Risk. The book took the honours for its contribution to the development of leading new concepts and methods in purchasing and supply chain.... read more.

Don’t let supply chain basics slip during disruptive periods
15/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

In the UK, retailers such as Marks & Spencer are facing delivery delays and disruption as they work to fill a backlog orders from a surge of sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Close your eyes and think back to the 2013 holiday season in the US. Does this sound a bit familiar?... read more.

Japan – the supply chain market to watch in 2015?
15/Dec/2014 by John Manners-Bell.

Which is the hottest logistics market to watch in 2015? China, Indonesia, Mexico? Well, if economists are to be believed surprisingly enough, it may be Japan. After decades of stagnation, the Japanese economy is showing signs of life and the recent weakening of its currency could create ideal conditions for a surge in ‘re-shoring’ activity.... read more.

NOL looks to shed its logistics subsidiary
11/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Mergers and acquisitions activity in the global logistics industry is set to take off and one such example is the long rumoured sale of APL logistics by NOL, which is now inviting offers for its logistics subsidiary.... read more.

Disappointing quarterly earnings add to the many questions surrounding Uti Worldwide
10/Dec/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Drama encircles Uti Worldwide as it announced its fiscal third quarter earnings this week. Is it an acquisition target? Why did former Chief Executive Officer Eric Kirchner leave in what appears to be in an abrupt manner? These questions were not addressed during the earnings call, instead the discussion focused on Uti’s disappointing quarterly financial results.... read more.

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