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The value of Canadian ports comes to fore as shippers seek to avoid disruption on the US west coast
01/Sep/2014 by Michael Clover.

Volumes are rising at the ports of British Columbia as the protracted labour dispute continues to disrupt ports along the US west coast and present an opportunity for Canadian ports to grow.... read more.

How will the Shanghai FTZ benefit e-commerce?
28/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Almost one year since China’s first FTZ in Shanghai was introduced Amazon is moving in. The arrival of the US e-commerce giant will certainly benefit Chinese customers as competition between it and the incumbent giant Alibaba heats up. Whether it will benefit e-commerce in China will be decided by how well Amazon can integrate its international and Chinese networks.... read more.

Stifel Logistics Confidence Index indicates possible air freight slow down
27/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Uncertainty in the global market continues with the latest Stifel Logistics Confidence Index indicating a dip of 0.4 points in the overall measurement to 55.7. While the present situation remained positive, gaining 1.2 points from July to 53.5, the expected situation for the next six months stumbled 2.0 points to 57.9.... read more.

Disruption to the supply chain in China highlights the challenges faced across the region
27/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

Disruption to the supply chain from state interference and unrest in China serve to illustrate the problems of managing logistics in the country and highlight the problems faced by logistics providers in the wider region.... read more.

Would you recommend your parcel carrier?
27/Aug/2014 by Stephen Olugbode.

The UK parcel market is undergoing rapid growth and competition between carriers is fierce. Customer satisfaction is becoming one of the central battlegrounds as companies vie to win and retain contracts but how would you choose your preferred carrier? Answering that question may well be the key to prevailing over stiff competition.... read more.

A growing dichotomy among US trucking providers
25/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

The trucking environment is indeed difficult and a dichotomy among the large trucking providers is developing. Take for example YRC Worldwide and Old Dominion. YRC Worldwide, beset with financial troubles, struggling to regain traction while Old Dominion continues to put up double-digit growth rates.... read more.

A wave of cash for acquisitions ready to break over the logistics industry
22/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

The combination of extraordinarily loose monetary conditions and greater confidence in a slow global recovery has raised the possibility of a ‘wave of cash’ hitting the logistics sector in the near future.... read more.

Improving conditions for Li & Fung
21/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Half year 2014 results indicate good news for Li & Fung and perhaps for retail sales in general.... read more.

Explore the impact of ‘New Asia’ at Ti’s Emerging Markets Logistics Conference Singapore 2014
20/Aug/2014 by Michael Clover.

The New Asia is upon us and its impact is challenging every preconception of the logistics and supply chain industry in the region. The creation of this new paradigm forms the subject matter of Transport Intelligence’s Emerging Markets Logistics Conference Singapore 2014.... read more.

Maersk sees big jump in profits as it drives down costs
19/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

Part of the mystery about where all the profits have been going in the container shipping business was moderated today when the Maersk Line, announced second quarter net operating profit up by almost a quarter, from US$439m in second quarter of 2013 to today’s number of US$547m.... read more.

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