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Chinese economy leads to Kerry pessimism
26/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

The crunch in the Chinese economy continues to gather pace. In itself the crash in the Chinese stock markets is perhaps not so important, however it feeds into an impression of a slowing and dysfunctional Chinese economy causing concern for LSPs.... read more.

Tough times ahead? Expectations continue to deteriorate as a downturn is predicted
25/Aug/2015 by Nick Bailey.

The Stifel Logistics Confidence Index fell for a third consecutive month in August. With the Index now at 54.1, the first eight months of 2015 have been marked by general decline.... read more.

The tragic inevitability of the Tianjin disaster
18/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

It is difficult to know the precise cause of the explosion at a chemical warehouse at the Port of Tianjin, however to any logistician familiar with the business of hazardous materials it can hardly come as a surprise.... read more.

Geodis achieves goal with major US acquisition
17/Aug/2015 by John Manners-Bell.

After a long search process in the North American market Geodis has acquired Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OHL), one of the largest logistics companies in the US.... read more.

EIA expects low oil prices to be sustained over the next year
14/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

In its latest monthly report the International Energy Agency suggests that the price of oil will remain at its present low state for at least a year and possibly longer.... read more.

Suez Canal expansion an opportunity for Egypt
12/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

The recent expansion of the Suez Canal aims to restore it to its position as the pivot of the global economy. Consequently creating opportunities for significant growth in Egypt’s logistics sector.... read more.

DP DHL reports mixed Q2 results as it struggles to emulate the e-commerce boom across the group
10/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

As is usually the case with Deutsche Post DHL the company’s performance over the past quarter has been both complex and divergent. Parts of the huge company are doing very well whilst other parts are doing fairly badly.... read more.

DSV profit jump helped by currency
05/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

DSV has appears to have outperformed the market once again with a big jump in profits at its forwarding division.... read more.

Deutsche Bahn might need more capital as profits pressured
03/Aug/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Deutsche Bahn has revealed that its profits are under significant pressure in its half year results. This pressure has led its top management to enact restructuring plans and to consider its options for raising capital.... read more.

Panalpina controls costs in dull market
29/Jul/2015 by Thomas Cullen.

Another forwarder battered by the rise of the Swiss Franc, Panalpina appeared to have inched ahead in terms of underlying profits over the past half-year.... read more.

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