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A wave of cash for acquisitions ready to break over the logistics industry
22/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

The combination of extraordinarily loose monetary conditions and greater confidence in a slow global recovery has raised the possibility of a ‘wave of cash’ hitting the logistics sector in the near future.... read more.

Improving conditions for Li & Fung
21/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Half year 2014 results indicate good news for Li & Fung and perhaps for retail sales in general.... read more.

Explore the impact of ‘New Asia’ at Ti’s Emerging Markets Logistics Conference Singapore 2014
20/Aug/2014 by Michael Clover.

The New Asia is upon us and its impact is challenging every preconception of the logistics and supply chain industry in the region. The creation of this new paradigm forms the subject matter of Transport Intelligence’s Emerging Markets Logistics Conference Singapore 2014.... read more.

Maersk sees big jump in profits as it drives down costs
19/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

Part of the mystery about where all the profits have been going in the container shipping business was moderated today when the Maersk Line, announced second quarter net operating profit up by almost a quarter, from US$439m in second quarter of 2013 to today’s number of US$547m.... read more.

Who's responsible for the package contents?
18/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

In what is proving to be the makings of an interesting court case, FedEx finds itself the focal point of an US Justice Department probe into the privacy of consumers, the US healthcare system and the role of e-commerce and the responsibility of the small parcel provider.... read more.

FedEx and UPS expand domestic reach within China
14/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

According to Reuters, FedEx and UPS have received additional licenses to operate within China’s huge domestic express package market, allowing both companies to significantly scale up their operations in this burgeoning market.... read more.

A rate crunch for carriers and forwarders implies an opportunity for customers
13/Aug/2014 by Thomas Cullen.

The tough market environment for container rates may be taking a toll on freight forwarders but it is hardly benefitting shipping lines either. In fact it is the customers who are able to take advantage of the conditions.... read more.

Going "local" with parts sourcing
11/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Going local is increasing within the automotive industry. The trend is shifting from sourcing from low-cost countries to sourcing closer to home as a means to not only reduce costs but also to reduce such risks as political, economic and weather-related.... read more.

The online shopping revolution – 20 years of logistics innovation
11/Aug/2014 by Stephen Olugbode.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the first online purchase, Stephen Olugbode, Ti’s recently appointed express and e-commerce Senior Analyst, discusses how the market has developed and the integral role played by the logistics industry.... read more.

Singapore Post records revenue growth as its regional presence increases
07/Aug/2014 by Cathy Roberson.

Singapore Post’s revenue continues to rise in spite of the decline in traditional mail. The loss of such volumes has been made up by parcels and expanding activity in South East Asia. However the company continues to struggle with expenses.... read more.

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