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The Ti Blog: Last, but not least, mile delivery

In the battle for e-commerce dominance much of the fighting is being done in the last mile. The news that the US e-commerce giant, Amazon had acquired French delivery company Colis Privé signals the intentions of the online retailer to remain the dominant force.... read more.

Partnership, Platforms & Innovation in logistics

Innovation and disruption are prevalent across many industries and logistics is no exception. The benefits of innovative practices are clear to most companies but how to create a culture of innovation is far more complex. One way of instigating innovation is through partnerships with start-ups, the natural innovators, but this too has its own challenges.... read more.

The Ti Blog: Will the onslaught of global economic headwinds sink emerging markets?

Since 2008, when the worst of the economic crisis took hold, it has been the emerging markets that many have looked to for growth. Now, a mix of economic headwinds and market turbulence coupled with social and political pressures have the potential to create a storm which may prove difficult to weather.... read more.

The Ti Blog: Emerging markets: The new hubs of innovation?

Ti's recent Future of Logistics conference, held in Singapore, involved much discussion between industry leaders regarding the current and future prospects of the global logistics market. One such discussion focused on Emerging Markets and the part they play in fostering innovation.... read more.

The Ti Blog: E-Retail and the Last Mile: 3 times the risk, half the profit

One of the most exciting discussions at Ti's recent Future of Logistics event in Singapore was regarding the problems facing e-retail and the last mile. Despite a lively and optimistic discussion between industry leaders, problems and challenges remain.... read more.

Ti Video: The express industry is under pressure like never before

In Ti's latest video, Michael Clover discusses the problems facing the express market as well the solutions being implemented now and those planned for the future.... read more.

The changing approaches to technology in logistics

The generation of young people beginning to enter the workforce today have a very different appreciation of technology and information sharing. How can the logistics industry benefit from and incorporate these new approaches?... read more.

The Ti Blog: Predicting peak demand vital to turn problems into profits

As the the 2015 holiday season draws near logistics providers are once again faced with the hurdles presented by dramatic volume spikes and rising customer expectations. Are express providers fully prepared to tackle these challenges?... read more.

The Ti Blog: XPO Logistics and the US Freight Brokerage Industry

With XPO Logistics acquiring Con-Way in its second major deal of the year, the US Freight Brokerage Industry appears ripe for consolidation. The company’s activities were previously based around the targeting of medium-sized businesses, but XPO’s jump into the big leagues appears to be part of a larger pattern within the industry, as other companies embrace M&A as a means of expansion. This leads us to ask what is driving this trend, and where will it lead?... read more.

Ti Infographic: China Crash

Since the 1990’s China has been at the centre of global trade.Registering huge levels of growth for twenty-five years the Chinese economy has begun to slow.... read more.

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