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A year of innovation ahead in the supply chain and logistics industry

2015 will see an increased focus on innovation by supply chain and logistics companies as the pace of change in the industry accelerates. These innovations will range from those affecting particular sector niches and logistics functions to those which have the power to transform the entire industry.... read more.

What impact will falling oil prices have on logistics?

The recent decline in oil prices has significantly reduced the cost base of logistics, constituting a welcome reprieve for the global industry. However, the picture is complex as the factors which led to falling oil prices have also hit the demand for logistics services.... read more.

The importance and challenge of the end-to-end cold chain supply chain

The cold chain is critical in meeting the needs of a rising number of global consumers. More and more people around the world want increasingly far flung and temperature sensitive products ‘now’ and they demand guarantees that what they consume is safe. This presents the logistics industry with significant challenges as the cold chain stretches all over the world.... read more.

New Asia is restructuring global trade

Almost everywhere in Asia there is economic dynamism and rapid change. Free trade is being embraced while a burgeoning Asian middle class has a new set of consumerist and, often, political demands. All this is reflected by huge implications for global trade, the logistics solutions that enable it and the supply/demand and rate expectations of transport providers and their customers.... read more.

The exponential evolution of 3D printing is set to fundamentally transform manufacturing and distribution

There is no question that 3D printing is continuing to impact multiple industry sectors. The technology continues to evolve at an impressive rate and no industry concerned with physical manufacturing is immune.... read more.

North American logistics and transportation mergers & acquisitions heats up

Over the course of this past week, North America has been the focus of nearly $2bn worth of mergers and acquisitions activity from XPO, Transforce and Norbert Dentressangle. The deals brokered have the potential to transform the business environment in which these companies operate.... read more.

China: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Over the last three decades, the relentless rise of China's export-driven economy has changed the face of world commerce. But China is now in flux as its economy transitions into a new stage of development, rendering the assumptions of yester-year obsolete. Tomorrow's China will be a very different place, creating new opportunities, with new risks for manufacturers, traders, banks as well as supply chain and other service providers.... read more.

Singapore – A supply chain hub for emerging markets and beyond

Singapore has become a key operating location for manufacturers and logistics providers, with its airport and seaport among the busiest in the world. Transport Intelligence examines the country’s growing significance to global supply chains and the sustainability of this growth.... read more.

Cyber-threats: the new battleground for supply chains

For many years, security in the logistics and transportation sector has been designed to combat the disruption of operations from physical threats such as bombs or thefts. However, as the industry becomes ever more reliant on information and communications systems, this emphasis is changing rapidly.... read more.

The state of the European road freight industry

John Manners-Bell MSc FCILT, CEO of Transport Intelligence, recently spoke at the Motor Transport Directors’ Club lunch at Multimodal 2013, regarding the state of Europe’s road freight industry. In his speech he described the growth of the market and developments and trends such as company bankruptcies and the rising cost of diesel, before reaching some interesting conclusions.... read more.

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