Global Supply Chain Intelligence Portal

Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi)

Transport Intelligence (Ti) is the leading source of research and analysis operating solely in the logistics, express and supply chain sectors. In addition to producing market leading research reports and undertaking consultancy projects, Ti offers access to its unrivalled logistics intelligence portal GSCi.

To provide its customers with continuing competitive advantage, Ti has combined leading industry knowledge with the latest technology by creating an exclusive web based knowledge resource accessible at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world. Ti's expert team of researchers update the portal daily, providing exceptional industry insight and analysis.

GSCi offers the opportunity to quickly and easily search and gain invaluable insight into the logistics industry as well as allowing bespoke analysis through a range of sophisticated interrogation features. Furthermore, the web-based nature of the portal allows knowledge to be distributed on an enterprise-wide basis. The knowledge contained in the portal can empower everyone from business development executives to CEO level. Likewise it can enhance the role of the market research department, allowing it to focus on areas of key value add.


What information does the portal contain?

The GSCi portal provides complete access to the world's logistics and express industry intelligence, examining all aspects of this dynamic sector from profiles to market size and forecasts.

Subscribing to the portal provides access to:

  • Company profiles - comprehensive logistics provider profiles plus an overview of some end users.
  • Industry and market sector analysis - detailed intelligence of vertical sectors and logistics markets, containing trends & developments, market size and forecasts.
  • Geographical knowledge - in depth studies by region and by individual country, covering all aspects of the logistics and transportation industry.
  • The Ti Dashboard - over 60 charts and tables of the most important macro and industry specific indicators from around the world, keeping you right up to date with the latest trends and developments.
  • Top 10s - comparisons across many different indices of revenue, tons, teus etc. It contains examples of largest logistics hubs of ports and airports within regions, largest global providers within markets and container fleet sizes.
  • Whitepapers & Briefs – Ti's full library of Whitepapers, Special Features and Briefs available to download in individual PDF's, designed to promote interest and discussion.
  • Ti Live & Presentations - a range of webcasts and audio addressing various topics within the transport and logistics industry plus access to the presentations Ti's experts have designed for conferences around the world.


What sets GSCi apart?

The GSCi portal provides complete access to the world's logistics and express industry, examining all aspects of this dynamic market sector from profiles to market size and forecasts.

GSCi contains the unique, customisable My GSCi section allowing you to:

  • Receive notification of the news & briefs relevant to you
  • View updates made by the team of researchers to those areas of specific interest to you
  • Access Ti's comprehensive list of market reports in PDF format, either free of charge to global subscribers or available to purchase straight from the GSCi site
  • View 'saved searches'


GSCi also offers:

  • Exceptional intelligence resource: Information heading expands to provide a vast quantity of intelligence amounting to over 1 million data elements which can be viewed individually or interrogated using the advanced filter and search features
  • GSCi provides in-depth analysis in addition to being a data rich resource:
  • Information is up-dated and added to daily by a team of experienced research analysts:
  • GSCi aids rapid fact finding: System facilitates sophisticated data manipulation, enabling personalised analysis to support individual research requirements.
  • Portal users require minimal training:
  • Globally accessible: The web-based portal has been designed to provide a single source of intelligence accessible from a PC anywhere in the world.


Leading edge website functionality: The Global Supply Chain Intelligence portal employs the latest technology to enable you to identify the specific data you need, quickly and easily. Instead of reading through thousands of pages of reports, the portal's search engine allows you to immediately target the information you need, and export to Excel if required.



GSCi provides answers to complex questions, such as:

  • What is my main competitor's strategy in Europe?
  • What are my competitors doing in South America?
  • How are air freight volumes performing in Asia Pacific?
  • Which regions should I be looking at for growth in Automotive Logistics?
  • What are the trends in Bulk Logistics?
  • Who is the biggest Express Provider?
  • Where are the busiest freight airports?
  • Which of the emerging markets will emerge as major hubs?


Changing the face of market research

Competitor intelligence

The competitor intelligence in the portal will allow your company to better understand your competitors' operations, products and strategies as well as identify potential targets for mergers & acquisitions, or potential partners.

Market intelligence

The market intelligence will provide an in-sight into the development of key market segments including structure; trends and developments; leading players, market growth. It is a tool kit for developing strategies to exploit this dynamic market.

Country and region information

Key economic and structural data on all the key countries and regions provides a basis for business planning and presentation preparation.

Vertical sector intelligence

Vertical Sector (e.g. automotive, retail/consumer, high tech etc.) information and analysis will enable you to understand the key trends and major logistics providers for each covered within GSCi. Analysis of issues such as cyclicality and long term trends, will allow for a better understanding of the risks and opportunities present in each market.

Ti Dashboard

The Ti Dashboard uses the latest interactive charting functionality to track data sources such as:

  • Macro-Economic indicators
  • Export & Import data
  • Oil prices
  • Industry vertical sector data
  • Sea freight
  • Air cargo
  • Overland (encompassing Intermodal/rail and road freight)
  • Warehousing

Each chart includes historical data for the past five years and is kept up-dated by Ti's team of researchers and analysts.


  • Users will be allocated passwords to access the portal
  • Ti will appoint a contact to work with an internal co-ordinator
  • Up-dates of new intelligence entered into the Portal will be advised weekly


GSCi license options

GSCi is available through a number of different licensing options; global, regional, country or single site. This enables you to choose the licence option most appropriate for your business.

To find out more about how GSCi can transform your market research capabilities contact Sarah Smith, Commercial Director, +44 (0) 1423 330736 or the Commercial Team on +44 (0) 1666 519900.


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