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A complex and dynamic market

Pan-European Transport Corridors
Pan-European Transport Corridors

The Central & Eastern European region has grown dynamically over the past decade, starting its development even before the accession of many of the leading economies to the European Union. The nine original candidate countries in the region were joined in 2007 by Romania and Bulgaria which have also benefited from high levels of investment in their transport infrastructure.

Indeed, migration of manufacturing eastwards has been one of the defining trends and challenges of European supply chains. In addition international retailers have scrambled to take advantage of the new wealth generated in these countries, helping to meet the needs of consumers with growing disposable income. This has led to the introduction of sophisticated distribution strategies and the demand for high end logistics service providers.

However this is only part of the story. Boom was followed by bust as some of the most over-exposed economies in the region, such as the Baltic States, paid the price for over ambitious expansion. The international transport industry was the first to feel the pain as export markets dried up, and over-capacity led to the collapse of freight rates from which the industry is only just beginning to recover.

The market dynamics in the region have been complicated by the development of Russia and other CIS countries as major players. Huge energy resources in Russia and Kazakhstan have driven forward economic growth, and have created specific market opportunities especially as regards oil and gas logistics.

Intra-regional distribution networks, facilitated by trans-European road and rail infrastructure, are facilitating the development of a complex trading system.

Who will benefit from the report?

The research has been designed to be particularly relevant for:

  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Directors and Managers
  • Knowledge and Research Managers

As well as logistics companies operating in the region, the report will prove essential for manufacturers and retailers; property investors; banks and consultancies.

What's in the Central & Eastern Europe Logistics Report?

The report contains a comprehensive review of the transport and logistics industries throughout the region.

The in-depth analysis and quantitative data contained in the report will enable you to:

  • Understand the main trends and developments affecting the evolution of the logistics industry in the region. It includes overviews of key industry vertical sectors such as automotive and fashion.
  • Identify the market size and forecast growth rates of the road freight industry in 14 Central and Eastern European countries. It includes data for both international and domestic road freight segments.
  • Gain insight into the road, rail, sea, inland waterway and air transport infrastructure of all major CEE countries.
  • Understand the modal split in each country.
  • Find out how the region is inter-connected by major trans-European networks.
  • Learn how trade influences the logistics industry right across the region through a range of quantitative data.
  • Gain an overview of the activity of the largest logistics operators in each market.
  • Understand the main challenges and drivers affecting each country's logistics market.
  • Determine where the main distribution hubs in each country are located.
Key Origins and Destinations for Bulgarian International Road Transport
Key Origins and Destinations for
Bulgarian International Road Transport

The report provides an insight into 14 CEE logistics markets: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine.

Each country profile contains:

  • Market sizing and growth rates for the domestic and international road freight markets
  • Key international traffic flows (data and maps)
  • Analysis of the logistics sector
  • Location of distribution centres
  • Maps and key facts about the air, sea, inland waterway, rail, warehousing and road industries.

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