Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007

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A region of opportunities

Central and Eastern Europe MapThe break-up of the Soviet Union has brought about the re-emergence of the independent nation states of Central and Eastern Europe. Over the last decade the nascent market economies have undergone political, social and economic transformation, which has enabled many of them to achieve acceptance as global trading partners. To the initial tranche of eastern European countries acceding to the European Union in 2004 (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) will, in January 2007, be added Bulgaria and Romania. This move will provide new business opportunities for multi-national manufacturers and international retailers, and consequently for the logistics service providers which serve them. The rise of so-called 'near-sourcing' (the location of production facilities to take advantage of low cost labour in regions close to key consumer markets) has resulted in logistics and express companies moving their strategic focus eastwards.

However many challenges remain. Despite years of investment, transport infrastructure across the region still remains at a level well below western standards. Road, rail and air links will need significant additional resources if the region is to be fully integrated into the wider European community. Also in some states, including the two new accession countries, standards of business ethics, security and the overall legislative, regulatory and fiscal environment are still concerns.

How can Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007 help you?

Airlines, such as Poland's LOT, have seen significant upturn in cargo volumes since accession to the EU
Airlines, such as Poland's LOT, have seen significant upturn in cargo volumes since accession to the EU

The Central & Eastern Logistics report contains analysis of the present economic and logistics market conditions across this diverse region. The report will provide you with a strong grasp of all the major trends and developments which are occurring allowing you to make operational and investment decisions.

The report is data-rich providing the most up to date figures not only on the structure of the transport market in each country but in addition on economic indicators such as GDP growth, consumer spend and wages.

In addition to profiles of all the major countries, including information on economies, trade and transport infrastructure, the report will help you answer the following questions:

  • How quickly is the logistics market growing?
  • What are the main issues in the express, contract logistics and warehouse markets?
  • Which express and logistics companies are investing in the region?
  • What are their strategies?

Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007 contains data and analysis of the transportation sectors of all the major countries across the region.

Economics and Infrastructure

Central & Eastern European Logistics 2007
Source: Hungarian ITD

Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007 provides an essential source of background economic data on countries in the region including such indicators as GDP, demographics, wages and prices.

It also contains a detailed examination of the road, rail, warehousing, inland waterway, shipping, and airport infrastructure in each individual country as well as across the region as a whole.

Featuring many detailed maps, the report gives an accurate portrayal of the state of development, and plans for investment in the future.

Company profiles

Central & Eastern European Logistics 2007
Maersk Logistics operations in Czech Republic

Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007 contains profiles of all the major players in the region including both those with global operations (DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, Schenker etc) as well as regional specialists (Waberers, Militzer & Munch etc) . Companies in the express, contract logistics and freight forwarding sectors are covered.

Each profile contains operational and financial information, giving an insight into the various strategies which the most successful companies in the region are employing.

Analysis of logistics segments

Central & Eastern European Logistics 2007
Poland - Key Distribution Depots

The report contains descriptions of individual logistics markets in all the countries acceded or acceding to the European Union. It includes information on the development of the contract logistics market in each country and as well as data on warehousing (location, rents etc). Specific areas of focus include the automotive sector.

Within the logistics section Central & Eastern Europe Logistics 2007 identifies and analyses key trends and developments as well as market sizing and forecasts for the contract logistics sector. It also provides an overview of the fast growing express market.


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