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Egypt is an extremely important market in the Middle East North African region, both as a near-sourcing market for Europe as well as a strong domestic consumer base.

The Egyptian market is one of the most politically stable in the North African region, with the vast majority of the population living and working within the Nile Delta region.

The economy has continued to grow, even during the economic downturn, with GDP growth of 4.7% realised during 2009. While the country is a major exporter of industrial goods, such as oil, as well as textiles and clothing, it is a net importer of consumer goods, representing a good opportunity for overseas companies wanting to set-up an operation in the country.

As with most fast growing economies, the Egyptian logistics market is witnessing high levels of growth, however, sophistication in the sector is currently low. International companies dominate the freight forwarding element of the business while local firms act primarily as traditional transport companies and freight forwarders.

Egypt’s geographic location, being located between North African and the Middle East and bridging the large consumer base in Europe and the important manufacturing activities in Asia, combined with an expanding infrastructure base, is enhancing the country’s position as a global logistics hub.

Who will benefit from the report?

The research has been designed to be particularly relevant for:

  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Directors and Managers
  • Knowledge and Research Managers

As well as logistics companies operating in the market, the report will prove essential for manufacturers and retailers; banks and consultancies.

What’s in the Egypt Logistics market report?

Map of Egypt

The report contains a comprehensive review of the logistics market in Egypt.

The report was compiled using a mix of both desk research techniques as well as interviews with key industry participants based in and around Cairo.

The in-depth analysis and quantitative data contained in the report will enable the reader to:

  • Understand the main trends and developments affecting the evolution of the logistics industry in the country.
  • Assess the wider businesses environment, focusing on the political, economic and legal environments present.
  • Gain an insight into key customer segments, such as a review of the retail, consumer e l e c t ronic, tex t i l e , pharmaceutical and tourist sectors.
  • Identify infrastructural limitations, those projects currently under development as well as proposed improvements .
  • Learn about the market size and forecast growth rates for the logistics sector in the country.
  • Identify the main international and local operators in the Egyptian logistics market, their activity and recent growth strategies as well as gaining an understanding of their operational capabilities.
  • Analyse a number of strategic opportunities in the market, as identified by Ti’s senior analysts after making multiple fact finding trips to Egypt.
  • Identify additional gaps in the market as well as future potential opportunities to exploit.

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