European Distribution Warehousing 2006

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The transition from warehouse to European Logistics Centre

Over the last fifteen years the European warehousing and distribution market has been profoundly affected by macro-economic and political considerations. The fundamental changes which began with the creation of the Single European Market have now received fresh impetus from the accession of the economies in the Central & European Europe and an increasingly globalised distribution market.

Alongside changes in the geographic distribution of warehousing facilities, the function of distribution centres has also evolved. This has stimulated demand for high quality, purpose built logistics facilities able not only to store goods but also undertake a range of value adding logistics activities, including postponed manufacturing and cross-docking.

What does the report contain?

The European Distribution Warehousing report provides a detailed look at the main trends affecting the European warehouse market. In depth analysis shows the influence manufacturers, logistics providers and property developers have in shaping the structure of the industry. It contains information on some of the leading property developers – such as ProLogis – as well as information on the key European distribution centre locations.


What will European Distribution Warehousing tell you?

European Distribution Warehousing 2006 report provides answers to the following questions

  • Where are Europe’s property hotspots?
  • What are the benefits of dedicated versus shared user facilities?
  • What are the cost implications?
  • Where and why are the strategic locations across Europe situated?
  • What is the market structure of the industry?
  • What changes have affected the networks?
  • Who are the main players and what is there reach?


Trends, Developments & Structure

ProLogis distribution space by country

 European Distribution Warehousing 2006 details the main trends affecting the development of national and regional distribution warehouses. The report also contains information on the impact of shared versus dedicated ownership and details case studies on specific European distribution centres. In addition it provides profiles of some of the leading property development companies as well as a ranking of the largest warehouse operators.


Strategic Locations

Key distributionlocations

The European logistics and warehousing market is drivenby many factors, including availability of staff, cost of land, cost of leasesand most importantly, location. The report contains almost 100 pages of detailon the significant impact 10 countries and 25 key geographical areas have on thedistribution warehousing sector. It lists some of the key industrial parks whichhave been developed, and which are attracting the most attention. It alsodetails recent leasing activity providing an insight into the localmarket.


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