European Logistics Leaders 2005

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Who are the winners and losers in the European logistics industry?

European Logistics Leaders 2005 is an essential reference manual for everyone involved in the industry. It provides fundamental information about the industry, allowing you to benchmark the financial performance of your company, your client, or your suppliers in the market. The report allows you to track financial performance of companies against their peer group over a period of years as well as gain an insight into the most successful logistics companies' operations through their financial profiles. The rankings and market share information it contains clearly demonstrate the impact of acquisitions in the market, such as DPWN's potential bid for Exel.

The completely revised edition of European Logistics Leaders 2005 provides you with answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the top 100 largest transport companies in the world?
  • Who are the largest global and European contract logistics players?
  • How fast are they growing?
  • What is the size of the global/European contract logistics market and how fast is it growing?
  • What is the average contract logistics company's profit margin?
  • How have profit margins developed?
  • Which companies have the biggest market share?

Rankings & analysis

Containing rankings of company revenues and profitability on a European and global basis, the report provides a comparative analysis of the positions of the market leaders. It includes information on market shares and segmental breakdowns (split by geography and business unit) as well as an analysis of the key market movers. It also highlights those companies which are struggling in the weak economic environment.

European Logistics Leaders 2005 contains over 20 financial profiles of the largest logistics companies in Europe including revenue, operating profit and segmental data. The report provides a record of companies' financial performance and analyses trends within their development. The profiles give an insight into the operations of the company and how future growth will be affected by their present financial performance.

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