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European Mail: a market in transformation

The postal market in the EU is very large, occasionally sophisticated, of variable efficiency, theoretically de-regulated yet still dominated by stateowned organisations.

The sector is in a period of dramatic change. A series of European Union ‘directives’ have been introduced to open up the mail markets across the EU to competition from both private sector companies and competition between state owned mail monopolies.

This trend towards deregulation pre-dates the European-wide initiatives. The UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark have all embarked on changes both to their mail monopolies and to their mail markets. These have varied in nature but all have been vigorous in their encouragement of competition. It is in effect these developments that drove the wider policy subsequently adopted by the EU.

However, not all European nation states have been wholly convinced by the argument for de-regulation. Many have been disturbed by the potential loss of a large state-run organisation which can be of economic importance. Consequently deregulation has happened at varying speeds and with varying levels of effectiveness.

European Mail Report 2010 specifically addresses the privatisation of the UK’s Royal Mail within the context of the de-regulation of the European market; the reason behind the decision; potential buyers and the opposition from the unions.

What will you learn from European Mail Report 2010?


European Mail Report 2010 provides you with a comprehensive background to the sector including:

  • The context of European postal market deregulation including a critique of the relevant EU legislation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions activity in the market, including a comprehensive list of all the major transactions.
  • Market sizes of the mail industry by country.
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape looking at how the incumbent mail operators have come under pressure from new entrants.
  • A Special Section on the Royal Mail privatisation in the UK, looking at the Hooper Report and the future of the Universal Service Obligation.
  • Profiles of all the major European mail operators including financial, strategic and operational analysis.
  • In depth sections on the three largest markets in Europe: UK, Germany and France.

MarketMarket trends and developments

European Mail Report 2010 outlines the structure and characteristics of the addressed mail market in the EU and highlights some of the developments that have recently and currently impacted the market, such as M&A activity, emergence of new segments, the role of IT in new services etc.

A review of the legal framework for liberalisation of postal services in Europe is also included as are descriptions of the main postal markets within the EU.

The report also provides a sizing of the addressed mail market and profiles the leading national postal operators within the region.

Analysis of the key markets

Die Österreichische Post: target markets

European Mail Report 2010 examines the evolution of the market structure and highlights trends and opportunities as they impact on the sector.

It analyses progress towards de-regulation and how far access to licensed and non-licensed sectors has been allowed.

The report details the political and legislative framework in which the postal operators work and the sectors in which private competitors are making the most progress.

The three largest markets in Europe are specifically discussed: UK, Germany and France.

Profiles of all the major Posts

Deutsche Post mail sorting centre

The report includes profiles of all the major European postal operators. Each profile contains information on strategy, operations, regulatory environment and finances and includes analysis of expansion into nonpostal markets.

Where relevant, each postal operator’s international operations and development plans are examined in detail.

Mail companies covered include Die Österreichische Post (Austria), De Poste-La Poste (Belgium), Deutsche Post (Germany), La Poste (France), Poste Italiane (Italy), TNT (Netherlands), Posten Norden (Sweden/Denmark), Royal Mail, UK Mail Group (UK), Swiss Post (Switzerland).

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