European Road Freight 2008

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The European Road Freight Sector under pressure

The European road haulage industry is under pressure as never before. Rising fuel prices combined with a hyper-competitive market place in which it is impossible to pass on costs, has had inevitable consequences on the sector. The influx of lower cost haulage companies from Central & Eastern Europe have made life even more difficult for domestic operators.

However this has not prevented the largest players in the industry from embarking on substantial acquisition programmes as they seek to increase the volumes in their networks. Kuehne + Nagel, DSV, Geodis and Norbert Dentressangle have all been highly active, seeking to challenge Schenker and DHL as market leaders.

European Road Freight Transport provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry allowing the reader to make informed strategic, investment or operational decisions in this highly complex and diverse market.

Industry insight

European Road Freight 2008 combines the analysis of a range of official statistics with Transport Intelligence’s own market sizing, forecasts and insight.

As well as examining industry output, numbers of goods vehicles, costs and overall revenues, the report also examines the road freight sectors by international/domestic split and own-account/outsourced.

For the first time the report also provides a unique breakdown between the Groupage and Full Load markets, two of the most important sectors in the industry.

The report also includes a section on goods vehicles flows, indicating the most important European regions for local, regional and international transport.

What will you learn from European Road Freight 2008?

European Road Freight 2008 provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the main trends in the road freight market?
  • What is the market’s structure?
  • Which country has the largest road freight market in Europe?
  • How quickly are the road freight markets growing?
  • What is the size of the groupage and full load markets?
  • How much road freight is out-sourced and how much own account?
  • What is the forecast growth for the international road haulage segment?
  • Where are the busiest international freight lanes?
  • Who are the top ten leading road haulage operators?
  • What are the revenues and operating profits of the largest road operators?
  • What are their strategies?

Market trends, sizing and forecasts

Growth of own-account road freight output
Growth of own-account road freight output

European Road Freight 2008 details the main trends affecting the development of the industry, looking at the market’s structure and its prospects for the future.

A comprehensive market sizing and forecasting section provides data at a country level for the domestic and international segments (all countries in the EU-27 plus Norway and Switzerland). It also provides a breakdown on a regional level between the groupage, full load and parcels markets.

In addition to exclusive Ti data, the report also includes a round up of key governmental statistics, including the split between in-house and own account road haulage, and between the various modes.

Busiest traffic lanes

Germany’s main truck flows
Germany’s main truck flows

European Road Freight 2008 includes a section on goods vehicles flows, indicating the most important regions for local, regional and international transport.

Comprehensive tables and maps detail the key destinations and origins of transport flows on an intra-regional, inter-regional and international basis.

Countries covered in this analysis include: Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands and in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic.


Road freight operator profiles

Kuehne + Nagel Road and Rail financials
Kuehne + Nagel Road and Rail financials

European Road Freight 2008 contains company profiles of some of the largest road freight operators in Europe.

Including such giants as Schenker, DHL, TNT, Geodis, Gefco, DSV and Norbert Dentressangle the profiles give an overview of their finances, operations and products provided on a domestic and international basis.

The report also provides top ten company listings based on revenues derived in this sector.

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