European Road Freight Transport 2013

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Slow recovery for this hyper-competitive market

European Road Freight Transport 2013 contains more analysis than ever before. It is packed full of market size figures, for the weak market environment generally but also the stronger performing regions, as well as giving trend analysis for the future.

It examines a range of factors influencing the performance of European freight companies –with interesting and perhaps occasionally controversial findings. For example, the report clearly demonstrates the link between diesel prices and European road freight rates suggesting that freight operators are extremely competent at passing on these costs to their customers.

What will you learn from European Road Freight Transport 2013?

European Road Freight Transport 2013 will enable you to:

  • Find out the major trends and developments in the sector and how economic development will impact on the market.
  • Identify the market size and growth rates of the road freight sector in Europe for both domestic and international road freight.
  • See how the market is forecast to develop in the next five years.
  • Understand the major flows of goods vehicles on a country-by-country basis looking at domestic, inter-regional and international trips.
  • Identify the top ten largest freight operators in Europe and in all major European countries.
  • Gain access to a range of useful governmental statistics, revealing the structure of the market.

Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

European Road Freight Transport 2013 is packed full of qualitative analysis and quantitative data which will give you an all-round understanding of the European freight market. It examines the significant trends which are affecting the industry and the revenue performance of the companies which operate in it.

The report includes market sizing for the domestic and international road freight sectors in 16 different European markets.

Comprehensive european road freight data

The report contains major sections on the European road freight sector, including market sizes and forecasts (domestic and international) for many European countries.

It also includes graphic representations and data of road freight traffic flows for each country as well as a host of national statistics on trip distance; type of cargo moved; number of road haulage enterprises; goods vehicles per country and per company.

The report exclusively contains an impartial analysis of the Top 10 Logistics Companies by individual country. Insightful analysis.

The report provides analysis and development of some of the major cost drivers of the road freight industry such as:

  • Diesel costs
  • Interest rates
  • Retail sales
  • Freight rate index

Global emerging markets logistics 2013 contains

Who should buy European Road Freight Transport 2013?

The report is specifically written to provide easily accessible, yet detailed analysis of the European road freight market to inform strategic decision making, market analysis, competitor analysis and market forecasting.

This report is relevant to: Strategy Directors, Knowledge Managers, Market Analysts, Marketing Directors, Consultants and Financial Analysts as well as all C-level Executives.

For more information or to purchase European Road Freight Transport 2013

European Road Freight Transport 2013 is available online, price £1,095, from the Transport Intelligence website. Additional information regarding the report as well as a ‘Look Inside’ sample version can also be found via the website.

Alternatively, contact  Sarah Smith, Ti’s Commercial Director, on +44 (0) 1423 330736 or email:

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  • Single user licence – £1,095 ($1,850)
  • Regional licence – £2,190 ($3,700)
  • Global licence – £3,285 ($5,500)

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