European Transport & Logistics Markets 2007

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Gain real insight into the European Freight Transport Industry

Gain real insight into the European Freight Transport Industry

The freight transport and logistics industry in western Europe is fundamental to the competitiveness of European industry. Road, rail and sea infrastructure facilitates economic growth within the region and provides a gateway to worldwide trade.

However despite a common underlying goal, individual countries have vastly differing logistics markets. The freight industries which have developed vary in terms of character, fragmentation, maturity and modal balance. This is as a result of very different approaches which governments have taken to regulation; diverse management strategies, geographical factors and varying economic and trade components.

European Transport & Logistics Markets provides a ‘road map’ to a complex and confusing market environment. It includes a wide range of statistical data, forecasts and qualitative analysis examining all aspects of freight movement—from sea ports, road networks, airports, railways and distribution property.

The report studies country logistics markets and includes rankings of the largest companies.


How will you benefit from European Transport & Logistics Markets 2007?

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European Transport & Logistics Markets 2007 will enable you to:

  • Identify the market size, historical growth rates and forecasts of the contract logistics industry in Europe as a whole and in 16 western European countries.
  • Gain insight into the transport infrastructure of different Western European countries.
  • Identify the largest logistics companies operating in each country.
  • Understand the modal split in Europe and in each individual country between road, rail and sea.
  • Learn how trade influences the logistics industry right across Europe through a range of quantitative data.
  • Identify the largest contract logistics operators in Europe along with their market share.
  • Gain a synopsis of each country’s logistics market.


Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

European Transport & Logistics 2007 is packed full of qualitative analysis and quantitative data which will give you an all-round understanding of the European freight market. It examines the significant trends which are affecting investment in the industry, both from the perspective of transport infrastructure and the logistics companies which serve it. The report includes market sizing for 16 different Western European markets as well as for Europe as a whole and provides indicative growth forecasts up to 2010 for the contract logistics sector.


Economic, trade and transport statistics

Leading Austrian logistics players
Leading Austrian logistics players

The report provides an essential source of information on key economic and trade metrics—some of the key components to understanding the development of the European logistics industry.

Each country section has a brief economic overview and lists data such as key export and import partners as well as the structure of trade in terms of commodities shipped.

ETLM 2007 also includes a summary of Eurostat figures, giving an overview of modal split in terms of tonne-kms and overall market size.


Logistics market data

Belgium: Transport market by mode
Belgium: Transport market by mode

The report provides an insight into 16 different European logistics markets—Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK — and in addition the European market as a whole.

Each country profile contains market sizing and growth rates for the total logistics and contract logistics markets as well as rankings of the largest players. It includes a listing of the largest European contract logistics operators and market share.


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