European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009

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Which vertical sectors are performing the best—and worst?

European Vertical Sector Logistics

During this time of exceptional economic downturn, it is even more important for contract logistics companies to be aware of the trends in the vertical sectors in which they operate.

Ti’s latest report reveals the differences in performance of the various sectors—for instance whilst pharmaceutical and FMCG/grocery sectors have been relatively unaffected by the recession, chemical, automotive, high tech and consumer durables have been hit hard.

European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009 not only tells you the main trends and developments affecting the logistics market in the main industry sectors, but it also provides market sizing and forecasts. The report analyses underlying production figures to give an essential insight into sector cyclicality or secularity—and quantifies the impact of the downturn right up to the mid-point of 2009.

Who will benefit from the report?

European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

  • Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Managers
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Knowledge and Research Managers

As well as all C-level executives.

It is especially appropriate to:

  • Logistics companies
  • Consultancies
  • Banks
  • Governmental organisations
  • Manufacturers & Retailers

What will you learn from European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009?

European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009 contains comprehensive market data, commentary and company profiles. It provides answers to a wide range of commonly asked questions:

  • How big are the largest Contract Logistics Vertical Sector markets?
  • How fast are they forecast to grow?
  • How have they developed in the past five years?
  • What are the key trends affecting logistics in the pharma, chemical, high tech, consumer, fashion and automotive sectors?
  • Which are the main logistics operators in each sector?
  • Which are the most cyclical industries?
  • How have they progressed over the past twelve years in terms of production output?
  • When did the recession start having an impact on each sector?
  • Where are the key trade flows for each sector and how big are they?
  • Which are the most profitable companies?
  • How are the biggest players performing?

The report provides an essential overview of all the main sectors and their associated logistics industries.

Market sizing & forecasts

Consumer Goods & Retail Contract Logistics Forecast
Consumer Goods & Retail
Contract Logistics Forecast

Transport Intelligence’s market sizing and forecasts for the global logistics industry are regarded as the industry benchmark, helping companies build business plans, justify investment programmes (including acquisitions) and track the industry’s development. 

European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009 provides an insight into the size and growth of the contract logistics market associated with each industry sector. These include: pharmaceutical, consumer/retail, fashion, high tech, automotive, chemical and industrial. 

In addition to providing 5 year forecasts, the report shows how the industry sectors have grown over the past five years.

Underlying trade, production data and key logistics clients

High tech sector production index
High tech sector production index

The report not only gives an insight into the development of the contract logistics market in each sector, but it also provides European trade and production data, revealing, amongst other things, levels of cyclicality.

Understanding the development of each vertical is essential to recognising how defensive or otherwise a logistics company’s business model is. The production data also clearly quantifies when and to what extent each sector was impacted by the downturn.

Each section also includes tables of the largest manufacturers.

Logistics trends and company profiles

For each sector covered, European Vertical Sector Logistics 2009 provides analysis of the key trends and developments affecting the logistics industry. This includes description of supply chain strategy and an examination of distribution channels.

In addition each sector includes snapshots of the operations of the main logistics players, together with a description of some of the main contracts awarded

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