Global Air Cargo 2008

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Air Cargo – a vital element of global supply chains

‘Aircraft carry around 2% of international trade by volume, but around 40% by value’ - FedEx chief operating officer Michael Ducker.

Air Cargo is an integral part of many manufacturers’ and retailers’ global supply chains, allowing companies in a range of sectors to operate in lean inventory environments.

Air cargo operations allow fast, frequent and predictable transit between more and more parts of the world as an increasing number of companies out-source to remote locations. Decreasing product cycles for high value, high tech goods have made fast delivery to market essential. Perishable commodities such as foodstuffs or flowers can be delivered into markets on the opposite side of the world in perfect condition. Periodicals can be delivered to readers worldwide while still current. Local industries have become global traders and consumers can enjoy goods from any part of the world.

In this respect the Air Cargo sector has played an essential, although understated, role in the development of the global economy. Its continued development is key to the on-going success of globalisation.

What does the report contain?

Global Air Cargo 2008 report provides, amongst others, the following information:

• The top ten global air cargo carriers
• The size of the air cargo market
• The key air cargo lanes
• The strategies of the main air cargo carriers
• The forecast growth of the market
• The main trends affecting the market
• Profiles of all the major air cargo carriers and integrators, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT.
• Key legislative and security related factors in the industry’s development
• The structure of the market looking at the role of forwarders, freight exchanges, general sales agents within the air cargo chain.

Who will benefit from Global Air Cargo 2008?

Global Air Cargo 2008 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

  • Air Cargo managers
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Knowledge Managers

As well as all C-level executives. It is especially appropriate to:

  • Freight forwarders
  • Integrators and Express operators
  • Consultancies
  • Banks and investors
  • Governmental and industry bodies
  • Air cargo shippers

A detailed analysis of key players and market environment

The Global Air Cargo 2008 provides a detailed look at the main trends affecting the development of the market. As well as comprehensive market sizing data and forecasts, the report includes ranking and profiles of the top ten air cargo carriers. In addition, profiles of the air cargo operations of the four integrators are included.

Market trends and developments

Air France-KLM Cargo Revenues
Air France-KLM Cargo Revenues

Global Air Cargo 2008 includes a detailed description of the major trends affecting the industry - from globalisation, oil prices and regulation to security issues. It also includes detailed market sizes and forecasts plotting the likely growth of the sector over the next twenty years.

The report looks at how air cargo chains are structured and the role of all the main players, from forwarders, integrators and airlines to freight exchanges.
It also contains data on the largest air cargo routes, on a region by region basis, as well as the breakdown of types of commodities moved.

Air cargo carrier profiles

The Global Air Cargo report contains profiles of all the major air cargo carriers, alliances, integrators and freight exchanges. It includes financial information as well as listing the various products presently on offer. Other details include:

  • Fleet
  • Products
  • Finances
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Output in RTKs
  • Operations

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Global Air Cargo 2008

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