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Global Automotive Logistics 2007

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Gain real insight into the latest automotive supply chain strategies

Gain real insight into the latest automotive supply chain strategies

The automotive sector has traditionally been at the forefront of developments in the logistics industry. Supply chain strategies implemented by Vehicle Manufacturers such as Toyota have resulted in highly efficient, lean organisations.

The sector is also highly complex. No two VMs are the same in the way in which structure their business models or the way they perceive and treat their logistics providers. With profits in the sector low, the supply-side of the industry has become increasingly squeezed, with expectations to innovate at the same time as cutting costs.

In a major new report, Transport Intelligence’s experts have for the first time compiled an in depth analysis of all sections of the global automotive logistics sector. Years of experience of the industry and unrivalled access to the key players involved - both the VMs and the logistics service providers - have enabled the development of a report which will deliver real value to the reader.


How will you benefit from Global Automotive Logistics 2007?

How will you benefit from Global Automotive Logistics 2007?

Global Automotive Logistics 2007 will enable you to gain insight into:

  • The leading Vehicle Manufacturers’ supply chain strategies and their relationships with their logistics providers.
  • Tthe development strategies of the key global logistics service providers.
  • The automotive business specific to the shipping, rail and integrated logistics sectors
  • The structure of the industry in the Americas, Asia Pacific (including Japan and China), Western and Central European regions.
  • The inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle logistics markets.
  • The market size and future growth forecasts for the market in the key regions and segments.


Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

Global Automotive Logistics 2007 is packed full of qualitative analysis and quantitative data which will give you an all-round understanding of the market. It examines the significant trends which are affecting the demand-side of the industry and how these impact the key logistics sectors associated with it.  It includes market sizing, broken down into inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle segments for the North American, European and Japanese markets as well indicative growth forecasts.


Vehicle Manufacturer profiles and demand-side trends

Maps of assembly plants by location and manufacturer
Maps of assembly plants by location and manufacturer

To understand the automotive logistics industry, you must first have an in depth grasp of the production and supply chain strategies employed by the leading Vehicle Manufacturers. The report contains extensive profiles of all the leading players, with special focus on the relationships which they have with their logistics service providers.

In addition to extensive VM profiles, Global Automotive Logistics 2007 provides the latest industry data on production and sales by region as well as trade in auto products. It also contains an appendix of maps showing the location of every major assembly plant in the world.


Extensive shipper and forwarder surveys

Share of logistics spend by VM: NAFTA
Share of logistics spend by VM: NAFTA

Global Automotive Logistics 2007 contains profiles of all the main logistics service providers from the main sectors: Rail, Shipping and Integrated Logistics. Each profile provides background and analysis of the companies’ strategies to penetrate the automotive sector as well as a range of operational and financial data.

In addition, the report examines all the key supply-side trends in the inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle logistics sectors.


How to buy Global Automotive Logistics 2007

Global Automotive Logistics 2007, price £995/€1495/$1990, can be purchased online. Please click on add to cart button above.

Alternatively contact Mike Nordmann on +44 (0)1793 850025, email: or Sarah Smith on +44 (0)1666 511872, email:


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