Global Automotive Logistics 2009

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Who will survive the market crisis?

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Peugeot Citroen

The automotive industry is facing its worst crisis in living history. Sales of vehicles have slumped in most markets and many Vehicle Manufacturers around the world are facing bankruptcy or bail out by governments.

The consequences for the logistics industry are severe. With so much of the logistics sector’s revenues linked to the fortunes of the auto industry it is unsurprising that many companies face an uncertain future. Closure or mothballing of major plants results in shock waves throughout the supply chain.

Within this market environment, understanding the strategies of the Vehicle Manufacturers, Component Suppliers and Logistics Service Providers—whether contract, rail or road—is fundamental to survival and success.

The unique set of circumstances which the industry finds itself in, means that companies need not only long term, strategic information on the production and supply chain management strategies which the major players in the market have adopted, but also information on the impact which crisis-driven management decisions are having right across the logistics industry.

How will you benefit from Global Automotive Logistics 2009?

Maps of assembly plants
by location and manufacturer

Global Automotive Logistics 2009 will enable you to gain insight into:

  • leading Vehicle Manufacturers’ supply chain strategies and their relationships with their logistics providers.
  • decisions being taken to cut production and their impact on logistics service providers.
  • development strategies of the key global logistics service providers.
  • automotive business specific to the shipping, rail and integrated logistics sectors
  • structure of the industry in the Americas, Asia Pacific (including Japan and China), Western and Central European regions.
  • inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle logistics markets.
  • market size and future growth forecasts for the market in the key regions and segments.
  • key production locations for all the major Vehicle Manufacturers.

Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

Global Automotive Logistics 2009 is packed full of insightful analysis and quantitative data which will give you an all-round understanding of the market and the manufacturers, component suppliers and logistics service providers which operate in it. The report examines the crisis which is affecting the demand-side of the industry and how this is impacting on the key logistics sectors associated with it. It includes market sizing, broken down into inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle segments for the North American, European and Japanese markets as well indicative growth forecasts.

Vehicle Manufacturer profiles and demand-side trends

Toyota Finances: Total

To understand the automotive logistics industry, you must first have an in depth grasp of the production and supply chain strategies employed by the leading Vehicle Manufacturers. The report contains extensive profiles of all the leading players, with special focus on the relationships which they have with their logistics service providers.

In addition to extensive VM profiles, Global Automotive Logistics 2009 provides the latest industry data on production and sales by region as well as trade in auto products. It also contains an appendix of maps showing the location of every major assembly plant in the world.

Logistics Service Provider profiles and supply-side trends

Global Automotive Logistics 2009

Global Automotive Logistics 2009 contains profiles of all the main logistics service providers from the main sectors: Rail, Shipping and Integrated Logistics. Each profile provides background and analysis of the companies’ strategies to penetrate the automotive sector as well as a range of operational and financial data.

In addition, the report examines all the key supplyside trends in the inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle logistics sectors.

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