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Auto logistics faces complex challenges ahead

The automotive industry has been affected by the recession of 2009 and the recovery of 2010 as much as any sector outside finance. Yet the effect on logistics strategies within the industry has been surprisingly modest, even though the operations themselves have been hit hard by plunging volumes and plant closures. In the future, though, strategies will have to change. The evolving geography of markets, the production locations of vehicle manufacturers and, perhaps most important of all, the technology of motor cars, will result in fundamental shifts to logistics needs.

The internal dynamics of the supply side are also evolving. The corporate strategy of some big logistics companies has begun to develop and the position of the automotive sector in these strategies has changed. In the market for finished vehicles, former key players have collapsed. Some of the larger players in inbound have strengthened their position. Meanwhile other areas defined by mode - such as shipping or rail - remain quite distinct.

The automotive logistics sector is no doubt one of the most complex, due to the diverse range of supply chain strategies employed by the vehicle manufacturers; the unique distribution channels they employ; the vast range of geographies covered and the highly politicized nature of the industry.

Global Automotive Logistics 2011 provides an insight into the workings of the industry examining:

  • the production and logistics strategies of the vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers
  • the inbound, finished vehicles and aftermarket segments
  • the major logistics companies present in the market
  • automotive business specific to the shipping, rail and integrated logistics sectors

It also provides market estimates and forecasts for the inbound, finished vehicles and aftermarket segments.

Logistics Service Provider profiles

Global Automotive Logistics 2011 contains profiles of all the major logistics service providers from the main sectors: Rail, Shipping and Integrated Logistics. Each profile provides background and analysis of the companies’ strategies to penetrate the automotive sector as well as a range of operational and financial data.

In addition, the report examines all the key supply side trends in the inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle logistics sectors.

Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

Global Automotive Logistics 2011 is packed full of insightful analysis and quantitative data which will give you an all-round understanding of the market and the manufacturers, component suppliers and logistics service providers which operate in it.

The report examines the crisis which has affected the demand-side of the industry and how this impacted on the key logistics sectors associated with it. It also looks forward at how changing market dynamics will impact on the relationship between vehicle manufacturer, component supplier and logistics operator.

The report includes market sizing, broken down into inbound, spare parts and finished vehicle segments for the North American, European and Japanese markets as well indicative growth forecasts.

The report profiles all the major vehicle manufacturers, taking an in depth look at their production and logistics strategies, and especially how they have survived the global economic downturn. It reviews the logistics operators they use and their attitude to out-sourcing and carrier management.

Global Automotive Logistics 2011 is essential reading for companies seeking to understand the complexities of the industry; develop strategies for business development opportunities; to review competitor operations and strategies or to examine investment prospects.

Who will benefit from the report?

Global Automotive Logistics 2011 is specifically written by Ti’s automotive logistics experts to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

  • Logistics directors of vehicle and component manufacturers
  • Logistics Directors and Managers of the major automotive logistics operators
  • Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Knowledge and Research Managers

As well as all C-level executives.

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