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How is the World Economic Crisis affecting the Contract Logistics sector?

Despite strong growth over the past decade, the global contract logistics industry has not been immune from the recession which has engulfed the world's markets. How did the market perform in 2008 and what are its prospects for the next five years? Using a range of surveys, and up-to-the-moment data, Global Contracts Logistics 2009 provides the answers to these questions, plus many more.

Global Contract Logistics 2009 provides Transport Intelligence's most comprehensive market sizing and forecasting data ever, now covering 70 countries. It provides market shares and top ten rankings in the three major regions: Europe, North America and Asia Pacific as well as on a worldwide basis. It also includes the profiles of 22 global contract logistics providers and a wide-ranging summary of all the major trends and developments affecting the industry.

What will you learn from Global Contract Logistics 2009?

Global Contract Logistics 2009 contains comprehensive market data, commentary and company profiles. It provides answers to a wide range of commonly asked questions:

  • How big are the largest Contract Logistics markets?
  • What is the Total Logistics spend in these markets?
  • Why is out-sourcing so popular?
  • What are the business principles involved in Contract Logistics?
  • What are the key trends and developments in the industry?
  • Who are the biggest Contract Logistics providers in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the World?
  • What is their market share?
  • Which markets have the highest out-sourcing rates?
  • How fast are the largest companies growing?
  • Which are the most profitable companies?
  • How are the biggest players performing?

Global Contract Logistics 2009 is essential reading for everyone who needs a comprehensive and insightful view of the market.

Who will benefit from the report?

Global Contract Logistics 2009 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

  • Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Knowledge Managers

As well as all C-level executives.

It is especially appropriate to:

  • Logistics companies
  • Consultancies
  • Banks
  • Governmental organisations
  • Manufacturers & Retailers

What's New in 2009?

Global Contract Logistics 2009 contains analysis of the impact of the global economic slowdown on the Contract Logistics industry.

This includes a review of the latest com- ments by the leading contract logistics pro- viders on the state of the market and how it is affecting their businesses. It also contains analysis of the latest developments in many of the key regions around the world as well as a round up of some of the latest port and air freight statistics, showing significant falls in volumes.

Company rankings and shares

Global Contract Logistics Market Size by Region % Share (2008)
Global Contract Logistics Market Size
by Region % Share (2008)

The report includes 2008 market rankings and shares for the largest players in the sector. In addition to Trans- port Intelligence's existing rankings at European and North America level, Global Contract Logistics 2009 includes rankings and shares for the fast growing Asia Pacific region. As well as this, the report looks at com- pany profitability and growth rates. The "top ten" lists are essential for anyone who wants to know the shapers of today's logistics industry whilst company market shares provide visibility on market fragmentation, especially in an environment in which there is on-going consolidation.

Market sizing & forecasts

Turkey Contract Logistics Market Forecast 2012
Turkey Contract Logistics Market Forecast 2012

Transport Intelligence's market sizing and forecasts for the global logistics industry are regarded as the industry benchmark, helping companies build business plans, justify investment programmes (including acquisitions) and track the industry's development.

Global Contract Logistics 2009 provides an insight into the size and growth of the global contract logistics mar- ket, breaking the data down into many individual regions and countries. The report also includes total logistics spend as well as out-sourcing penetration rates, em- ploying well established and rigorous methodologies.

Company profiles

CEVA Finances: Revenue by Geographic Location % to Total (2008)
CEVA Finances:
Revenue by Geographic Location % to Total (2008)

Global Contract Logistics 2009 includes over 20 profiles of the world's largest players including, DHL, Schenker, Ryder, Wincanton, Penske, Schneider, Kuehne + Nagel and Toll Asia.

Each profile focuses on the company's financials, and where available includes sales, profitability and margins, providing as much country and sector granularity as possible. The report also includes commentary on how each company has performed over the last few years and sections on operations and corporate development strategies.

How to buy Global Contract Logistics 2009

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