Global Distribution & Warehousing 2008

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A major new report on physical distribution networks

Over the last fifteen years the global warehousing and distribution market has been profoundly affected by macro-economic and political considerations: the Single European Market in Europe; the accession of the Central and Eastern European countries to the EU; the increasing importance of Mexico as a supply base for the USA; not to mention the rise and transformation of the Chinese and Indian economies.

Alongside changes in the geographic distribution of warehousing facilities, the function of distribution centres has also evolved. This has stimulated demand for high quality, purpose built logistics facilities able not only to store goods but also undertake a range of value adding logistics activities, including postponed manufacturing and cross-docking.

What does the report contain?

The Global Distribution & Warehousing Report 2008 provides a detailed look at all the main distribution markets throughout Europe (including Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey), North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It identifies key locations for distribution hubs, the influence of transport infrastructure and costs. It does so on a country-by-country basis, and in the USA it looks at the major cities where distribution hubs are clustered.

The report also contains a major new survey of logistics executives which examines trends affecting the distribution and warehouse market. In depth analysis shows the influence manufacturers, logistics providers and property developers have in shaping the structure of the industry.

The report also provides profiles of the leading property developers – including ProLogis, Gazeley, Goodman and AMB – detailing financial, operational and strategic

What will you learn from Global Distribution & Warehousing 2008?

Amongst others, Global Distribution & Warehousing 2008 report provides answers to the following questions:

  • Where are the world’s distribution property hotspots?
  • Where are manufacturers and retailers locating their distribution hubs?
  • How has the expansion of the European Union impacted on distribution strategies?
  • What are the latest trends in Asia and the Americas?
  • What is the role of property development companies?
  • Which 3PLs and property developers have the biggest distribution facility footprint?
  • Is the out-sourcing trend set to continue?
  • How is logistics infrastructure aligned with supply chains?

Trends, Developments & Network Structures

Distribution hub reach - Europe
Distribution hub reach - Europe

Global Distribution & Warehousing 2008 details the main trends affecting the development of national, regional and global distribution hubs. In addition it provides profiles of some of the leading property development companies as well as a ranking of the largest logistics centre operators.

Strategic Locations

The global logistics and distribution property market is driven by many factors, including availability of staff, cost of land, cost of leases and most importantly, location.

The report contains details on the significant locations of the major distribution hubs, worldwide. It lists many of the key logistics parks which have been developed, and which are attracting the most attention.

Containing in excess of 40 maps, the report provides an essential overview of the world’s ‘hottest’ distribution property locations.

Global survey

What is the structure of your global distribution centre network(2008)?
Example survey chart
What is the structure of your
global distribution centre network(2008)?

The report contains a major new global survey by Ti, involving nearly 400 senior logistics executives from manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs around the world. It provides an insight into latest thinking, distribution strategies, perception and usage patterns.

The survey, amongst other things, reveals the reasons behind supply chain re-structuring, outsourcing trends, the importance of value adding services, dedicated versus shared warehousing, increases/decreases in warehousing capacity plus much more.



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