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Global Emerging Markets Logistics 2013

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What makes emerging markets so appealing to the logistics industry?

Over 80% of the world’s population resides in what is known as “emerging markets”. This group of countries represents a diverse collection of economies from China to Peru and Ethiopia to Kazakhstan. Combined, emerging markets have witnessed impressive economic growth over the past few years in comparison to developed economies such as the European Union and the US and present great opportunities for logistics and transportation providers.

Ti’s latest report, Global Emerging Markets, takes an in-depth look at this collection of countries. While there are plenty of opportunities in these countries, it is not for the risk-adverse. Political upheavals such as in Egypt, natural disasters as observed in Thailand in 2011 and domestic economic issues in Brazil and India are among the many supply chain risks that must be taken into account.

The conference will develop upon and complement the report’s analysis on the growing role of Emerging Markets and its impact on trade and the logistics industry.

Demand for logistics services in emerging markets is outpacing that of developing markets. For example, the global contract logistics market grew at 3.4% from 2011 to 2012 however, for the same period, emerging markets grew at 9.4%.

As explained by Ti’s CEO, John Manners-Bell, who will be speaking at the conference, ‘Whilst markets in the West have been impacted by the economic downturn, there have been many others in the emerging world which have continued on a steep growth trajectory.’


Why buy Global Emerging Markets Logistics 2013?

Global Emerging Market Logistics 2013 is packed full of critical quantitative data and insightful qualitative analysis to provide the most thorough research on the state of the emerging markets, all at an affordable price!

With the visual aids of a variety of our own maps, tables and graphs, the report outlines the potential available in these emerging regions. It draws on progress that has already been made in these economies and focuses in on the previous development, trends and the future for logistics.

In addition to offering profiles and analysis of the logistics markets of 33 countries, included in the report is information from the ‘Agility Emerging Markets Report 2013’ to offer the reader a background into the changing status of these areas.

Features include:

  • An overview of the regions with growth forecasts to 2016
  • Insight and analysis of trade data between the emerging markets and other regions
  • Comprehensive analysis of logistics providers operating within these markets, including analysis of historical achievements and insight into the company’s plans
  • Illustrative maps which provide a unique insight into each of the 33 country’s geographic make-up.
  • Exclusive investigations into the progress of the express, contract and freight forwarding logistics markets of the profiled countries, including relevant infrastructure developments.

Who should buy Global Emerging Markets Logistics 2013?

The report is specifically written to provide easily accessible, yet detailed analysis of the global emerging markets to inform strategic decision making, market analysis, competitor analysis and market forecasting.

This report is relevant to: Strategy Directors, Knowledge Managers, Market Analysts, Marketing Directors, Consultants and Financial Analysts as well as all C-level Executives.

For more information or to purchase Global Emerging Markets
Logistics 2013

Global Emerging Markets Logistics 2013 is available online, price £1,095, from the Transport Intelligence website. Additional information regarding the report as well as a ‘Look Inside’ sample version can also be found via the website.

Alternatively, contact  Mike Nordmann, Ti’s Business Development Director, on +44 (0)1793 850025  email:


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