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How did the Global Freight Forwarding Industry perform in 2009?

The Freight Forwarding industry went into freefall in 2009 as global manufacturers and retailers struggled to cope with a huge inventory overhang, causing them to severely cut back on orders from Asian suppliers.

Shipping lines and air cargo operators were left with enormous over-capacity - resulting in plummeting rates. The consequences of falling volumes and rates left most forwarders desperately cutting overhead, although some were able to benefit from increased gross margin due to their increased buying power in the market.

All regions were affected, but none as badly as Europe and North America. Asia, buoyed by China's massive inward investment stimulus package, fared better than the rest of the world. Asian - and to a lesser extent African and South American - exporters became more focused around the Chinese market.

...And in 2010?

By the end of 2009 the environment had already started to change. A stronger peak shipping season continued through to the Chinese New Year and beyond. Lack of capacity has now become the main issue, with forwarders starting to complain that they are being squeezed by high carrier rates. Within the space of the year the market has turned a full 180 degrees.

Global Freight Forwarding 2010 brings you up to date with the state of the present market, and provides a retrospective of 2009. With market sizings for all the major regions brought right up to the end of the first half of 2010, this report is critical to understand the full extent of the vagaries of the market.

What will you learn from Global Freight Forwarding 2010?

The latest edition of Global Freight Forwarding 2010 contains analysis of:

  • The state of the air and sea forwarding market
  • Key trends and developments in 2009 and the first half of 2010
  • The structure and drivers of the market and their implications for the future of the market

In addition, the report contains market sizing and 5 year forecasts by sector (air and sea) for the following regions:

  • Europe (including Central & Eastern Europe)
  • Asia Pacific
  • North America
  • South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa

The report contains air and sea freight forwarding market sizing and forecasts for 40 individual countries including all major and developing economies. These include USA, Canada, Mexico; EU-15 plus Norway and Switzerland; China, Japan, India, South Korea plus many more.

It also includes an update on all in the major regions in the first half of 2010, providing growth rates for both the air cargo and sea freight forwarding markets.

In addition the report provides market shares for the leading players and ranking of the largest air and sea freight forwarders in terms of revenues, air tonnage and teus shipped.

Finally, the report contains profiles of all the leading freight forwarders providing financial, operational and strategic insight of the key players.

Market share, size and forecasts

Air Freight Market Growth Rate by Region
Air Freight Market
Growth Rate by Region

Global Freight Forwarding 2010 includes market sizes, growth rates and forecasts by air and sea sectors broken down regionally (North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific) and by the leading country markets.

In addition, the report contains an exclusive and wholly independent source of market share figures. The report ranks the leading players in the total freight forwarding market as well as those in the individual air and sea freight sectors by air tonnage, teus shipped and by revenue. For the first time, Ti has made estimates of how the global container market is proportioned by teu amongst the major trade lanes.

Crucial in this highly volatile market are market growth figures which give you a right-up-to-the-minute view of how the market is performing in 2010.

Company profiles

Kuehne + Nagel Finances: Sea Freight
Kuehne + Nagel Finances: Sea Freight

The report contains profiles of all the leading global freight forwarders and includes analysis of interim financials from 2010 as well as full year 2009 reports.

Information on these companies includes:

  • Background
  • Financial data and analysis
  • Operations and services
  • Strategy

Companies covered include:

Agility, CEVA, CH Robinson, Damco, DHL Global Forwarding, DSV, Expeditors, Geodis, Hellmann Worldwide, Kerry Logistics, Kintetsu Worldwide Express, Kuehne + Nagel, Nippon Express, Panalpina, Pantos, Rhenus, SDV, Schenker, Sinotrans, UTi Worldwide, UPS SCS.

How to buy Global Freight Forwarding 2010

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Alternatively, this information along with the research from all Ti's published reports is also available via the unique Global Supply Chain Intelligence Portal

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