Global Logistics Strategies 2007

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Mergers and acquisitions in the global logistics sector

Gain real insight into the European Freight Transport Industry

Consolidation in the global logistics industry is continuing at a breakneck pace. Over the past ten years no sector has been untouched by mergers and acquisitions and even the biggest companies are not immune from potential takeover.

A host of well-established names have disappeared as the most aggressive players have built scale operations in an attempt to offer customers global services. A handful of mega-businesses now dominate their sectors including Deutsche Post, Schenker, UPS, Kuehne + Nagel and FedEx. Brands such as Exel, AEI, Airborne, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, Fritz, SembLog etc are now consigned to history.

There is no sign that the seemingly endless volume of deals will come to an end, with consolidation continuing in the European, US and Asia Pacific markets. This trend has been helped by an influx of private equity capital which according to a survey contained in Global Logistics Strategies 2007 now backs a third of all deals.

However not all deals are successful. Even the biggest operators can have trouble integrating acquisitions, and the risks - and costs - involved can be huge. Becoming big for its own sake is not a good enough reason to embark on an expansion strategy. Companies increasingly need to demonstrate to stakeholders that M&A will add to the economic value of their organisation.

Global Logistics Strategies 2007 provides a detailed analysis of all the major trends in the industry and includes an in-depth survey of the major deals which have occurred in the last year. It also includes profiles of the corporate development strategies of all the major logistics players.


What will you learn from Global Logistics Strategies 2007?

Logistics Providers

Global Logistics Strategies 2007 will enable you to:

• Understand the development strategies of all the major express, forwarding and logistics players.

• Gain an insight into the type of transactions which occurred in 2006 (including private equity) through an in depth deal survey.

• Find out which trends have been dominant in shaping the present strategies for market leadership in all the key sectors.

• Review all the major transactions which occurred in key sectors in 2006 as well as all significant activity in 2007.

• Gain exclusive access to TI’s European Logistics Strategy Survey, revealing the attitudes towards expansion and mergers and acquisition of over 180 logistics providers.



Analysis, Trends, Surveys and Profiles

Global Logistics Strategies 2007 provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry from the perspective of mergers and acquisition activity. As well as including insight into the major trends which are occurring in all the key logistics sectors, it also provides analysis of the results of a survey involving over 290 deals which were conducted during 2006. This includes a specific examination of the role of private equity. In addition, the report contains 20 profiles revealing the strategies of the major players in the market and finally a survey of over 180 European logistics executives, giving an insight into attitudes towards regional and global expansion.


Corporate strategy profiles

Wincanton’s M&A revenue composition timeline
Wincanton’s M&A revenue composition timeline

Global Logistics Strategies 2007 contains the profiles of 20 major logistics companies, specifically examining their corporate development strategy. They include analysis of the major deals which have played significant roles in building the companies into their present state.

Each profile provides background on the companies, their major acquisitions and alliances. They provide an essential view of the structure of each company, and look at how successful their strategies have been in establishing a regional or global leader. They also assess future prospects and review the companies’ development plans.


Two major surveys

Cross border acquisition activity 2006
Cross border acquisition activity 2006

Global Logistics Strategies includes two major surveys providing insight into mergers and acquisitions activity and strategies. The acquisition deal survey analyses over 290 deals conducted worldwide in 2006. It looks at where deals are taking place; in what sectors, and the level of PE involvement.

The European Logistics Strategy survey canvasses the views of over 180 executives. The findings provide an insight into how acquisitive logistics companies have been over the past year including their reasons for expansion, where they had expanded and if they had withdrawn from any markets.


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