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Global pharma supply chains are undergoing a transformation

Structural changes in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are set to create significant opportunities for logistics service providers in the next few years.

In a highly competitive market, pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are faced with several industry issues including the expiry of blockbuster drug patents, increasing government legislation and a lack of new drugs in the development pipeline. This has resulted in many mergers/acquisitions in the industry which in turn has meant that supply chains are becoming ever more complex.

In addition manufacturing is becoming more globalised, with supply chains extending to remote production locations.

What will you learn from Global Pharmaceutical Logistics 2012?

Global Pharmaceutical Logistics 2012 will provide you with answers to the following questions and many more:

  • What are the major trends affecting the global pharmaceutical drugs industry and what is their impact on the logistics sector?
  • How are supply chains organized and what roles do the manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies and the major drug purchasers play?
  • What are the supply chain and production strategies of the major manufacturers and distributors within the sector?
  • What are the regional variations within the pharma sector and how does legislation impact on supply chains?
  • How big is the pharma logistics market size and what are its prospects for growth?
  • Which region will grow the fastest?
  • What are the greatest pharma supply chain challenges?
  • What services have logistics and express companies developed to meet the out- sourcing needs of drug companies?

Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

Global Pharmaceutical Logistics 2012 will give you an all-round understanding of the global pharmaceutical sector. It provides an in-depth analysis of the trends impacting the drugs markets, such as how the decline of the 'blockbuster' drugs and the rise of 'generics' will impact on supply chains.

It examines how logistics companies are developing new services to meet the increasingly sophisticated and intricate needs of the manufacturers as well as how legislative changes in emerging markets have created new opportunities.

The report includes logistics market sizing estimates by region as well as five year forecasts, allowing you to identify which regions have the best growth prospects.

It examines the significant trends which are affecting investment in the industry and the performance of the companies which have developed the most successful operations.

Profiles of the leading pharma logistics providers

Panalpina, DHL, FedEx and UPS are amongst the most innovative solutions providers to the industry. However, many other logistics providers offer specialised services, whether they are in one geographic region or service. Perhaps a similar theme among many providers is the fact that they are expanding their service offerings to emerging markets.

Global Pharmaceutical Logistics 2012 provides an overview of the solutions provided by the leading companies present in the market – including looking at the technologies they have developed to meet the changing needs of their clients.

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