Global Service Parts Logistics in the High Tech Sector

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Trends in the Global Service Parts Logistics Industry

Representation of an SPL Network
Representation of an SPL Network

Service Parts Logistics is one of the key growth areas in the global logistics market. The importance to manufacturers of after sales service as a product differentiator has developed significantly over the last decade, as many high tech products have become increasingly commoditised.

At the same time as being required to provide exceptional customer service by maximising ‘up time’, manufacturers are facing the challenge of reducing inventory levels. If they fail to deliver world class after sales service they risk devaluing their brand, and losing ground to competitors which have endorsed the importance of providing a comprehensive, whole-life service.

The need to deliver enhanced levels of customer service (for which they can charge premium prices), has led many manufacturers to position product parts in close proximity to their clients. Many sectors - medical technology for example - require service recovery in hours, if not minutes, due to the criticality of the nature of their business.

From a supply chain perspective, the importance which manufacturers are now placing on the service side of their business has led to much more stress in the system, as locating parts close to customers can lead to vastly over-stocking.

How this seeming paradox is reconciled is one of the greatest issues facing the industry. Global Service Parts Logistics for the High Tech Sector sets out how many companies are going about meeting this challenge.

What information does Global Service Parts Logistics contain?

Kuehne + Nagel's US Service Parts Logistics Network, based on its USCO acquisition.
Kuehne + Nagel's US Service Parts Logistics Network, based on its USCO acquisition.

Global Service Parts Logistics in the High Tech Sector contains an analysis of all the major trends impacting on the industry. Looking at four key segments - IT Services, Telecommunications, Medical Technology and Computer and Office Equipment (including Photocopiers) - the report looks at how the industry has evolved to meet client needs in a dynamic, fast moving environment. Global Service Parts Logistics contains sections on:

  • The market structure and logistics of the Telecommunications and IT Services sectors.
  • Profiles of the SPL operations and requirements of the major Telcos and OEMs.
  • The expanding role of the Contract Electronic Manufacturers in the sector.
  • Trends in the Computer, Office Equipment and Photocopier sectors.
  • Global market sizing and forecasts for the major segments.
  • SPL demands of the major Medical Equipment manufacturers.
  • Profiles of all the leading SPL providers.

The report provides an essential overview of the sector, containing an insight into many manufacturers’ SPL strategies, the SPL providers they use, and how systemic changes in each sector will affect how the industry will look in the next five years.

Service Parts Logistics Models

Service Parts Logistics Models
Service Parts Logistics Model

A number of different models have been developed by manufacturers and their logistics suppliers to provide the high levels of customer service required in today’s service parts logistics industry. Although basic requirements are the same i.e. ensuring that the end user gets the level of service which has been contracted, there are several ways in which this can be achieved.

Usually it is only the biggest companies which are able to demand customized solutions from SPL providers. Small to medium sized players are most often satisfied by a generic, menu driven approach. The report sets out the various options which are on offer from the major SPL providers.

Market Sizing, Sector Trends and Developments

Modern Telephone Equipment Supply Chain
Modern Telephone Equipment Supply Chain

The most important trends and developments in the high tech sectors are addressed within the report. Coverage includes IT Services, Telecommunications, Computers and Office Equipment (including a section on Photocopiers) as well as Medical Technology. The latest thinking of the major manufacturers, distilled from in-depth interviews with leaders in the field, reveals how the market has evolved and in which direction it will develop. Most importantly the implications of these trends for SPL providers are assessed, providing a clear strategic road map.

Service Parts Logistics Supply Side Profiles

arvato -European Repair Network
arvato -European Repair Network

The report contains profiles of the largest global SPL providers, UPS SCS, DHL, FedEx and TNT plus many other regional players from Europe and North America. The profiles look at the strategic rationale for the development of the SPL operations; their importance to the leading express players; their acquisitions and network development; scale and scope of their operations as well as their prospects for the future. Also featured in the report are profiles of the leading European drop off box networks and brief portraits of the key Service Parts Optimisation Software providers.


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