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Profiles and performance analysis of the leading global shipping lines

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Profiles and analysis of the leading global shipping lines

Gain real insight into the European Freight Transport Industry

Over the past decade, the structure of the global shipping market has been dominated by merger and acquisition activity. A fragmented industry, populated by mid-sized, national flag-carrying shipping lines, has largely disappeared as mega-carriers have emerged. Well known names such as P&O, Nedlloyd, Sea-land, for instance, have all been subsumed by market leader Maersk and other lines have followed in their tracks.

Japanese, mainland Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong based shipping lines have also grown to prominence, driven by the volumes out of the region.

High levels of cyclicality in the global shipping industry have made the sector historically unpredictable. Shipping lines have typically gone from boom to bust as over-investment in new build ships is followed by economic downturn and a fall in volumes. Despite weakness in shipping rates at the end of 2006 caused by overcapacity, the sector seems to have shrugged off concerns, helped by the buoyant global economy.

Global Shipping Leaders 2007 provides you with an insight into the operations, strategies and finances of the leading players in the shipping industry.


What will you learn from Global Shipping Leaders 2007?

Evergreen Marine American Shipping Routes Evergreen Marine American Shipping Routes

Global Shipping Leaders 2007 will enable you to:

  • Identify the market leaders with rankings by revenue and by slot capacity.
  • Plot the growth of revenues and profits of the largest companies over the last five years.
  • Understand individual companies’ development strategies.
  • See how shipping lines are performing in a volatile market environment.
  • Gain insight into shipping lines global operations, including container terminals.
  • Identify fleet sizes, with breakdown by type.
  • Find out which shipping lines have been worst affected by falling rates and rising costs in 2005/6.



An essential guide to major shipping lines

Global Shipping Leaders 2007 provides a handy guide to the industry through the analysis of the shipping lines themselves. It examines the industry using a range of indicators such as slot capacity, revenue, profitability and margin growth, including company profiles.

The report is invaluable for those involved in the shipping and forwarding industries, as well as for shippers, buyers of goods and services, consultants, analysts and market research specialists who need quick and easy access to a range of essential facts and figures.


Shipping Line Profiles

MOL Revenues by Business Segment
MOL Revenues by Business Segment

Global Shipping Leaders 2007 provides a mix of company information, including a corporate overview; a breakdown of financial data; operational analysis; examination of their strategic goals as well as key mergers and acquisitions. It provides a wealth of tables and charts to illustrate the development of all the major shipping lines.

Within the financial sections of each shipping line you will find analysis of their previous year’s performance. In addition, where available the report contains data providing insight into the shipping lines’ various divisions, including container, bulk, and logistics.


Historical performance analysis

Historical revenue Compound Annual Growth Rate
Historical revenue Compound Annual Growth Rate

Global Shipping Leaders 2007 also provides analysis of the performance of the industry over the past five years, highlighting the cyclical nature of profitability and growth in terms of revenues and TEUs. It analyses how companies have performed in the last year, showing the clear winners and losers as shipping lines struggle to adapt to softer rates and higher costs.

The following shipping lines are analysed in the report: NYK Line, HMM, Maersk, MSC, MOL, CMA CGM, ‘K’ Line, Hapag-Lloyd, NOL, Hanjin, COSCO, Evergreen, China Shipping and OOCL.


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