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A region of massive opportunity - or risk?

Global Contract Logistics 2006 The Middle Eastern Express, Logistics and Transportation markets are some of the most dynamic emerging markets anywhere in the world. They are attracting an increasingly high level of interest and investment as global companies, seeking growth rates and profit levels far beyond what they can achieve in more developed markets, shift their strategic focus to the region.

The growth is driven from the massive inflows of capital which the present boom in oil and gas revenues has precipitated. The logistics sector has been a prime beneficiary as companies invest in upstream and downstream infrastructure projects. However this is only part of the story. Other opportunities are presenting themselves from the multi-billion dollar investment in construction including tourism (hotels, amenities etc), reconstruction of Iraq, and transportation projects (ports, logistics parks and airports etc). In addition, the importance of consumer markets is increasing as GDP per head soars throughout the region. This has resulted in more demand for luxury goods as well as the evolution of the grocery retail sector.

However, major challenges to growth remain. The innate instability in the region, presently manifested by the conflict between Israel-Lebanon and prior to that in Iraq, means that investors in the Middle East must be wary. Political tensions, combined with a highly vulnerable oil supply chain, provide severe risks to the region’s ambitious transport and logistics development plans.

How can Middle East Logistics 2006 help you?

The Middle East Logistics report contains in-depth analysis of the present market conditions in this complex, but high opportunity region. The report will provide you with a strong grasp of all the major trends and developments which are occurring allowing you to make operational and investment decisions. In addition to profiles of all the major countries, including information on economies, trade and transport infrastructure, the report will help you answer the following questions:

  • How quickly are the logistics, freight forwarding and express markets growing?
  • Who are the major players
  • What are their strategies?
  • Where are the key opportunity areas for express and logistics companies?
  • What are the key challenges?
  • Where are the key trade destinations and origins?

Middle East Logistics contains data and analysis of the transportation sectors of all the major countries across the region.

Whether you are a bank looking to find investment opportunities; an express or logistics company pondering the best strategy to pursue; or a manufacturer or retailer seeking information on the competitive landscape, Middle East Logistics will provide an essential source of market intelligence.

Economic, trade & transport data

Share of merchandise export by region - CLICK TO ENLARGEThe Middle East Logistics Report 2006 is packed full of useful macro-economic data, providing an ideal background to the growth of the express and logistics industries in the region. Included in the report are statistics on trade, GDP and demographic figures for the region as well as individual countries.

In addition to quantitative data, the report discusses the prospects for all the main Middle Eastern countries and key industry sectors, from the perspective of the thriving logistics industry. Middle East Logistics 2006 also contains 12 detailed country overviews including: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria.

Company profiles

TNT's Middle East Route Network - CLICK TO ENLARGEMiddle East Logistics 2006 contains profiles of all the major players in the region including those global headquartered (DHL, TNT etc) as well as those locally based (PWC Logistics, Aramex, GAC Logistics etc) . Companies in the Air Cargo, Express, Logistics and Freight Forwarding sectors are covered.

Each profile contains operational and financial information, giving an insight into the various strategies which the most successful companies in the region are employing.


Analysis of logistics segments

Middle East International Express Market Forecast - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The report also includes detailed information on transportation infrastructure (ports, airports, road and rail) as well as key logistics segments (road freight, express, contract logistics, air cargo, freight forwarding). As with all Transport Intelligence reports, Middle East Logistics 2006 also contains its own unique market sizing and forecasts.

Within the logistics section the report identifies and analyses important growth markets such as temperature controlled, automotive spare parts, construction and halal, as well as the major trends driving each of the individual sectors.

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