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A consolidating market

The US Logistics market is characterised by a wide range of business models. Consolidation and M&A activity have contributed to a blurring of the lines that traditionally segment the industry. As a general rule, companies are increasingly searching out activities that provide customers with higher margin value-added services. Certain sectors within the US logistics sector are highly consolidated with high barriers to entry (such as the express sector), whereas other sectors are highly fragmented characterised by commodity services (such as the truckload sector).

Consolidation has occurred in various forms, with companies expanding through acquisition in a specific sector, as well as across different sectors within the logistics market. The most notable trend in recent years is the desire to expand across sectors, such as non-asset based companies acquiring asset-based companies and integrators acquiring freight forwarders and TL and LTL trucking companies to both broaden services and expand geographically.

US Logistics 2005 report

US Logistics 2005 provides the latest company data, rankings and market analysis within a single reference source, enabling logistics service providers, manufacturers, retailers and consultancies to:


  • understand how diverse companies are positioned in the US Logistics market and how this has shifted across traditional sector boundaries in recent years
  • compare the financial performance of the leading players in this rapidly consolidating market
  • gain an insight into the operations of the most successful US logistics, forwarding, TL, LTL, parcels and warehousing companies
  • gain an understanding of the history, structure, trends and developments affecting the North American market
  • refer to detailed profiles of the leading protagonists in the marketplace
  • understand the internal corporate structure and service portfolio of leading operators

Why buy US Logistics 2005?

US Logistics 2005 is a source of vital information on the North American Logistics industry and its most important market players. The report is an essential guide for all professionals who need to understand the market and who are looking for key company information.

The report provides detailed profiles of the leading logistics companies in the market, with competitive analysis and detailed company profiles. The report includes a study of the evolution of the market, the major issues affecting the leading players, rankings of the largest companies by sector (sectors within the overall logistics market), listings of key acquisitions and profiles logistics companies in the US market.


Detailed Company Profiles

US Logistics 2005 contains profiles of the largest logistics companies in North America , covering various disciplines (see table of contents). Each profile contains a mix of operational, strategic, financial and corporate data. Included within the report are details of the acquisitions which have been made in recent years, highlighting the move across traditional sector boundaries by the leading players. The profiles give an insight into the development of the market as well as providing essential information for customers or competitors.

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