Russia Transport & Logistics 2009

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Understand the Russian logistics industry

Russian logistics industry

Russia entered 2008 with its economy looking strong based on exports of commodities, particularly energy, which were at all time high prices. With the onset of the economic downturn the situation in 2009 has deteriorated rapidly.

In addition to macro-economic worries, the Russian business environment is one of the most challenging in the world. Inefficiency, bureaucracy and corruption are rife. Within the transport and logistics sector, lack of investment has resulted in weak infrastructure compared with international standards.

Systemic structural problems combine with the vast geography of the country; mountainous and desert regions as well as an inhospitable climate to make the challenges facing the transport industry unique.

However despite these problems, the Russian market continues to offer some of the best long term prospects in Europe for logistics and express companies.

Not only is the country a major source of oil, gas and minerals, but it has a fast growing consumer society. The wealth generated in the past few years has meant that there has been high demand for West European and global products, particularly high value and luxury.

Foreign direct investment has been poured into industries, such as the automotive, by multinationals keen to take advantage of the growth in levels of disposable income.

International logistics and express companies have followed their clients into the market, piggybacking on their expansion, and at the same time creating international and domestic networks to facilitate the flow of commerce.

What does the report contain?

Russia Transport & Logistics 2009 contains a comprehensive overview of all the key transport modes including:

  • air
  • sea and ports
  • road
  • rail
  • Inland waterways

In addition the report provides:

  • Key trends and developments in both the supply and demand-side information on the major ports and airports
  • A guide to the problems of doing business in the country; the realities of importing goods and the strategies employed to overcome government bureaucracy.
  • Market sizes and 5 year forecasts for express and logistics sectors
  • Numerous company profiles of the leading international and Russian-owned companies
  • Information on the main transport corridors utilised by shippers and logistics companies for bringing goods into the country
  • An assessment of future prospects for the transport and logistics industry.
  • Locations of the major distribution sites

International transport corridors

Pan-European Transport Corridors
Pan-European Transport Corridors

Which are the best routes to move goods to and from Russia? The report details the main transport corridors highlighting the major challenges which exist as well as the main infrastructure developments that will facilitate trade.

The corridors which the report profiles include overland routes from Germany; connections through Russian and Baltic Ports; the Trans-Siberian Railway as well as some of the more problematic routes such as the Arctic and Black Sea Routes.

The report also contains information on the key airports and ports, and includes information on the Russian domestic road network as well as a detailed analysis of Russian Railways.

Logistics and express analysis, company profiles and sizing

Contract Logistics market forecasts
Contract Logistics market forecasts

Russia Transport and Logistics 2009 contains analysis of the key market sectors including third party logistics and express. It looks in detail at the automotive logistics industry, which up until the global economic slowdown, was a key growth area.

As well as market analysis the report contains market sizing and forecasts for the Contract Logistics industry and Domestic and International Express sectors.

In addition, all the main international and domestic express and logistics players are profiled within the report providing an insight into their development and operations.


Why should you buy Russia Transport & Logistics 2009?

Russia has been one of the fastest growing express and logistics markets over the past five years. Despite the slowdown, the market has huge potential and with its huge natural resources will play an important role in the global economy. Russia Transport & Logistics 2009 will help you to become better cognisant of:

  • Russia’s importance to the world’s economy and global supply chain strategies
  • The specific challenges of doing business in the market
  • Market trends in the transport and logistics industry
  • The major transport and logistics companies present in the market
  • Market size and growth rates
  • Potential investment opportunities
  • The challenges which threaten higher rates of growth

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