US Trucking, Intermodal and Rail Report 2011

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What are the key issues affecting the North American transportation sector?

The North American trucking, intermodal and rail industry is recovering from a severe freight recession which began a long time before the global economic downturn.

The prolonged period of falling and subdued volumes has had a systemic impact on much of the industry, bringing several major players close to collapse and resulting in greatly reduced capacity.

However the industry is now in recovery phase with sustained growth throughout the NAFTA region. The recovery of the automotive industry is causing increasing demand from Mexico and, to a lesser degree, Canada. The near-shoring trend is also beneficially affecting the sector as some Chinese manufacturing shifts closer to US markets as a result of rising Chinese labor and transportation costs.

In turn the rebound of the economy is having the impact of creating tighter trucking capacity, a shortage of truck drivers and higher rates—this subsequently is driving the growth of more cost-effective rail intermodal services as operators take market share. This trend has been compounded by greater government regulation of the trucking sector.

and rail networks. There have been numerous US federal government programs to aid infrastructure. However, many in the industry complain that there is no central plan for these infrastructure improvements/ funding to support growing freight demand.

The outlook for the industry is good. However the one major cloud on the horizon is the impact of global oil prices. Soaring costs will drive trucking volumes to intermodal, but could potentially strangle the entire sector’s recovery by suppressing demand.

What will you learn from the US Trucking, Intermodal and Rail Report 2011?

Leading US Trucking Companies 2007-2010

US Trucking, Intermodal and Rail 2011 will provide you with an insight into:

  • The present state of the market and how it has recovered from the most sustained downturn in recent history.
  • Potential threats to the market upturn from regulations, oil and driver shortages.
  • The opportunities which exist from greater integration of the NAFTA economies and the development of Mexican ‘maquiladoras’.
  • Developments in the Mexican and Canadian transportation sectors.
  • Top ten (and more) US trucking companies 2007- 2010.
  • Up-to-date statistics related to the size of the LTL/TL; intermodal and rail sectors; NAFTA volumes and revenues; key trucking commodities.
  • Key trends and developments in 2010 and the first half of 2011
  • The structure and drivers of the market and their implications for the future of the market

Finally, the report contains profiles of all the leading trucking, intermodal and rail companies providing financial, operational and strategic insight into the key players.

Market data and analysis

Canada: Total Trade by US Port: Rail % to Total

The report contains insight into the development of the transportation sector throughout the NAFTA region. It includes discussion of the main industry verticals (including automotive and high tech) driving the sector as well as how the economic growth of Mexico and Canada are acting as catalysts for market development.

Included within the report are listings of the major NAFTA overland border crossings; trade values by mode; a breakdown of the trucking and rail sectors by commodities shipped, as well as a wide range of other relevant statistics.

There is also a specific section on regulations which will impact on the development of the trucking sector, including Safety, Hours of Service and the US-Mexican Trucking Agreement.

Company profiles?

CSX - National Gateway Corridor

The report contains profiles of all the leading trucking, intermodal and rail operators and includes full year 2010 results.

Information on these companies includes:

  • Background
  • Financial data and analysis
  • Operations and services
  • Strategy

Trucking/intermodal operators covered include:

Arkansas Best, CH Robinson, Con-way, FedEx, Hub Group, JB Hunt, Landstar, Old Dominion, Ryder, Saia, Schneider, Swift, Transplace, UPS, US Xpress, Werner, YRC WorldwideM

Rail operators covered include:

BNSF, Canadian Pacific, CSX Corp., Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific Corp.

How to buy US Trucking, Intermodal and Rail 2011

US Trucking, Intermodal and Rail 2011, price $1,495.00, can be purchased from the Transport Intelligence website: or by emailing:

Cathy Roberson - (USA)
Sarah Smith - (Rest of World)


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