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Ti is at the forefront of the constantly changing transport and logistics industry. Our team of analysts continually monitor global market events.

Our Credentials

Transport Intelligence’s research analysts are industry experienced practitioners having worked extensively within the mail, express and logistics industries. This enables them to develop extensive, industry leading research reports across the huge breadth of global transport and logistics markets. With a global reach through its network of offices and partners, Ti is able to conduct primary research programs in order to publish ground breaking intelligence reports.

The Report Writing Process

The Ti publication schedule is planned to provide essential insight into the transport and logistics industry. Our team of researchers and authors work together to formulate the material required for new reports.

All our analysts and authors have practical as well as theoretical experience in the logistics industry. In addition to this highly experienced team we employ associates who are experts in their respective fields. These include consultants from within the vertical sectors as well as logistics practitioners.

We are unique in having our own extensive information resource GSCi which is updated daily, by a team of research analysts. We are also experienced at conducting primary research programs in support of our reports. For example:

  • Company profiling
  • Interviewing key decision makers
  • Undertaking Industry sector surveys
  • Complete new market infrastructure studies

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