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ATS launches dedicated shipping lane to and from China

Access Technology Solutions (ATS) has launched a new dedicated, low-cost shipping lane to and from China for direct-to-consumer brands. The company said the new shipping option will significantly decrease costs and delivery times for its clients interested in increasing trade with China.

ATS' China lane adds to the company's existing lanes to and from Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Taiwan on the Asia Pacific shipping channel.

"Given the leading role that China increasingly plays in global trade, investing to make China a faster, more affordable shipping destination for our clients is a no brainer," explained Chris Boyle, ATS' CEO. "Too many US brands continue to drastically overpay to have product shipped to and from China. We're excited that we can now bring about meaningful change and help grow international sales."

Access Technology Solutions is an international commerce technology and logistics provider for retail and consumer brands, e-commerce and multichannel companies and direct selling firms. The company helps US brands sell and ship products all over the world.
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Source: Access Technology Solutions


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