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DHL improves route optimisation in US

DHL has announced what it calls 'significant progress' on its Route Optimization Initiative, a component of a programme announced earlier this year to enhance courier pick up and delivery efficiency.  To date, DHL has improved pickup service, while decreasing vehicle usage and fuel consumption.  

At facilities across the U.S., the DHL Route Optimization Initiative uses a customised software solution to pull pickup and delivery data from courier data terminal scanners. The information is uploaded for analysis and route mapping, enabling DHL to increase efficiency and balance its workload capacity across its US fleet.

Since its inception, the route optimization programme has decreased required drive times, limited route length and fuel consumption, and enabled more rapid processing of shipments.  In addition, DHL has been able to extend the deadline for pick up service by up to 90 minutes in over 400 metropolitan areas across the U.S. 

DHL will expand the Route Optimization Initiative in 2007 with still more precise shipment forecasting tools to ensure all courier routes are constructed to account for fluctuating volume by customer, seasonality, and historical data.  

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Source: DHL


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