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Lehnkering announces strategic realignment

Lehnkering has announced a strategic realignment following its acquisition by Imperial Logistics. To optimise the divisions of the company, a number of structural changes will be implemented at Lehnkering.

Lehnkering Shipping Logistics & Services (SLS) and Imperial Reederei have been combined into one operating unit in the Imperial Shipping Group. It is hoped this will provide more extensive offerings and a broader service portfolio. However, the Rhein‐Fracht and Lehnkering brands are to be retained for chemical, mineral and gas tanker shipping and joined in the new Liquid Cargo Services division.

The Lehnkering locations in Mannheim and Hamburg, Germany continue to operate. Its Dry Shipping division has been integrated into the Dry Bulk Services division of the Imperial Shipping Group.

In addition, Bernd Müller has been appointed the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lehnkering's Chemical Manufacturing Services (CMS) division and Managing Director of Lehnkering Holding at the same time. The CMS division is in charge of the business activities of Lehnkering subsidiary Schirm GmbH. Müller has been responsible for Schirm within the Group for many years.

Furthermore, the responsibilities within Lehnkering's Road Logistics & Services (RLS) division, which comprises all intra‐European road transports and the related value added services in three specialised divisions, will be reallocated.

Uwe Willhaus, in addition to his duties as COO of the Distribution Logistics & Services division at Lehnkering, takes over the responsibilities for Lehnkering Chemical Transport (LCT). LCT is amongst others a specialist in tank transportation of liquid hazardous goods. Walter Steinig who is also CFO of Lehnkering will be in charge of the two RLS divisions Euro Logistics (LEU) offering transport solutions for European part‐ and full‐loads of all kinds and Steel Logistics & Services (LSTS) specialising in transportation and handling of steel in every form.

Gerhard Riemann, CEO of Imperial Logistics International and at the same time CEO of Lehnkering Holding said: "This restructuring is aimed at further strengthening the core competencies of the entire corporation as well as coordinating the service portfolios of Imperial and Lehnkering. In this way we want to further expand our joint sector presence in Europe and enable our customers to benefit from the new opportunities on the market as quickly as possible."
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Source: Imperial Logistics


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