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Norway Post acquires Dutch logistics provider

Norway Post has announced it is to buy Scanex B.V. The acquisition will strengthen Nor-Cargo's market position in the Netherlands for goods going to and from Norway and the Nordic region.

Norway Post stated that The Netherlands is an important entry gate for goods going to and from the Nordic region. Scanex is currently a Nor-Cargo agent (owned by Norway Post) and Nor-Cargo is the market leader in the transport of goods between Norway and the Netherlands.

"With the acquisition of Scanex, we have ensured our international transport of goods to and from the Nordic region and the Netherlands. Scanex is a sound company that Nor-Cargo knows well and has close links with. This purchase was a natural step in the further development of both parties," says Arne Bjørndahl, senior vice president of Norway Post and head of the Logistics Division.

"Scanex also gives Nor-Cargo the opportunity to expand the services it offers to customers on the Continent."

Scanex's main operations are the transport of part loads and full loads, and it has been Nor-Cargo's agent on Norway's west coast since 1989. Since 1991, it has also been Nor-Cargo's agent in the Oslo region. Together, Nor-Cargo and Scanex have grown from one trailer a week to 300 departures a month, carrying part loads and full loads to and from Oslo. Scanex has permanent routes between the Netherlands and Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and the Netherlands and UK and Spain.

"We see the merging of Scanex into Nor-Cargo as a very important step in developing the existing services not only to the Nordic countries but also to the Benelux area and the south of Europe," says Harry Kwant, owner and director of Scanex B.V.

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Source: Norway Post


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