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Port of Rotterdam more accessible

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is expanding the Maasgeul to prevent waiting times for ships entering the Port of Rotterdam. This navigation channel to the North Sea is the access route for sea-going ships that have a draft of more than 14.3 m. More and more of these ships are entering Rotterdam because the load factor of sea-going ships continues to grow.

The Maasgeul is six miles long and currently 500 to 600 m wide. It is being widened by another 240 m so that by the summer of 2012, large sea-going ships will be able to pass each other.

Harbour master René de Vries announced the expansion of the Maasgeul during the presentation of the nautical annual figures for 2011. The lower number of ships – 33,681 sea-going ships compared with 34,404 in 2010 – combined with an increase in throughput (from 430 to 435m tonnes) indicates more heavily laden container ships entered the port in 2011.
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Source: Port of Rotterdam


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