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TNT, DPWN bosses et al meet in Brussels

The Chief Executive Officers of five major postal operators representing 60 percent of postal mail volume in Europe have met in Brussels in an attempt to demonstrate that postal market liberalisation is working in their countries and that they are ready for full market opening in 2009.

In a joint event which took place in Brussels, the group intends to demonstrate that full market opening must take place in 2009 to allow postal operators to benefit from changes that are changing the global communications market.

The group supports the Commission's aim to complete the internal market for postal service.

Peter Bakker, CEO of TNT, said: "We are demonstrating in our home market and abroad that in postal services, external threats are turned into business opportunities, opportunities to create new services by being innovative, to improve efficiency levels and to develop better services that respond to customers' changing needs."

Klaus Zumwinkel, CEO of the Deutsche Post, said: "We are hopeful that the new directive provides postal operators with the full means to thrive in the fast evolving communications sector. Liberalisation that allows healthy competition is the only way forward. We are ready to embrace it".

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Source: TNT


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