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TNT Express launches PharmaSafe for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

TNT Express has launched PharmaSafe, a specialised temperature-controlled service for the transport of large quantities of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and insulin.

With this new service, TNT controls the full supply chain, from packaging procurement to delivery. It uses its own aircraft, handling stations, collection and delivery networks, as well as in-house customs clearance experts. PharmaSafe also comes with one of the best passive containers currently available, the va-Q-tainer.

Va-Q-tainers are capable of maintaining the required inside temperature (frozen, refrigerated or controlled room temperature) for more than 120 hours without electrical power supply or dry ice, even in extreme outside temperatures. TNT offers rental of pre-conditioned, ready to "load and go" va-Q-tainers.

PharmaSafe offers real time tracking of location and temperature from end to end. Sensors measure the temperature of the shipment not only inside, but also outside the va-Q-tainer throughout the transport. Temperatures are even measured during flights. The information is transmitted in real time to TNT's 24/7 PharmaSafe Management Centre by a GSM transponder that can be used on TNT's aircraft. TNT Express can thus detect, predict and correct any temperature excursion without customers having to take action themselves. TNT Express sends customers a detailed shipment and temperature report immediately after delivery.

The service is available between Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States, as well as within Europe. TNT Express operates the most extensive road network in Europe, as well as flights to more than 70 destinations worldwide, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow and New York.

"PharmaSafe is the market leading solution for preserving the efficacy, value and brand of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products during transport. We are pleased to offer this new service to our growing number of pharmaceutical customers," says Roland Schuetze, TNT Express Director Global Industry Healthcare. "Our customers' temperature sensitive shipments never change hands. TNT acts as one partner, using its own networks and operations from end-to-end. PharmaSafe comes with cutting edge packaging and real time temperature and location tracking to further secure the transport of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products," says Gert de Gier, TNT Express Global Manager Industry Solutions Healthcare.


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Source: TNT Express


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